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Kramers say ‘cheese!’




As a mother to three rambunctious children, Chesca Garcia-Kramer believes proper nutrition is an investment in a kid’s future. For her, a healthy breakfast every day is a big part of it.

“My kids (Gavin, Scarlett and Kendra) lead an active lifestyle. Although homeschooled, it does not mean they stay home and do nothing. In fact, home-schooling moms take more time in extra-curricular activities so you can imagine how packed their day is so I make sure they have a healthy breakfast,” Kramer says during the Strength Builders Camp recently at the SM Megamall Activity Area.

Kramer reveals her kids with basketball player Doug love bread with Cheez Whiz, but she makes sure that they also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

She advises: “Talking to your children also makes a big difference. You have to ask them, ‘Why are you eating what you are eating?’ Enough rest, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are all a part of it. Once we feed our kids properly, it is also an investment for the future.”

GAVIN and Kendra Kramer at the Roll Station.

Mondelez category manager Anna Sapitan agrees that there’s nothing like good nutrition, particularly breakfast, to start the day right. And she adds that the event showed what adequate nutrition can do as children six years old and above enjoyed fun physical activities, which included four interactive zones and five active zones, powered by a Cheez Whiz breakfast.

“It’s an event that talks about empowering moms and making sure kids start the day strong and be ready for anything. So, we want to highlight that cheese has all the nutrients for breakfast so they are able to start their day strong. There are lot of strength builder challenges so kids can demonstrate that after enjoying a Cheez Whiz sandwich, they can do all these challenges,” Sapitan says.

THE mother of three takes time to prepare a healthy breakfast for her kids.

She adds that a good breakfast has all the important vitamins and nutrients to boost the immune system and help kids face challenges both in school and outside school. “Prepare breakfast that is not complicated. Choosing the right bread fill makes a big difference.”

For 50 years, Cheez Whiz has been kids’ breakfast and merienda favorite with its strength building nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus.

Available at all groceries and supermarkets, Cheez Whiz comes in different variants, Original, Pimiento and Mild, and in different sizes and prices.

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