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Here’s to God-inspired lipsticks



Al Pacino’s character in the movie Devil’s Advocate fired the concluding line: “Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.” It is quite unthinkable then to associate a Bible verse, much more faith, to a vanity product like a lipstick until one is reminded that humans, particularly women, are God’s greatest masterpiece.

So perhaps, the Made to Bloom Lipstick line of Human Nature has the distinction of being the only one inspired by a Bible verse, particularly Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Anna Meloto-Wilk, co-founder and president of Human Nature, says the lipstick line, which was actually released last January, has been doing well despite the competition.

“It’s doing really well, I don’t really look at the numbers of competition. Makeup is so fragmented. But for us if only we’ll be able to introduce our lipsticks to a good number of people, they are happy with it and they’re able to absorb the message then that’s already a success for us,” she says.

“With lipstick, it’s always a trendy thing, it’s a seasonal thing. People will have multiple lipsticks from multiple brands at the same time, right? So, for me, just to at least get the attention of some women to listen to what we’re saying and to try out something that we really worked hard on, then it’s already a win for us.”

Blooming beauties (from left) Anna Meloto-Wilk, co-founder and president of Human Nature, with Joy Tanchi-Mendoza and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio.

Five in line

The Made to Bloom Lipstick line is composed of five 100-percent natural, lip-loving nude shades in a smooth matte finish that are created to complement Filipina skin tones. These are light tan (Wisdom), pink-based nude (Grace), chestnut brown (Strength), brick red (Warmth) and rosy nude (Joy).

These shades crafted in Human Nature’s Natural Care Labs are represented by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio (Wisdom), Grace Colet (Grace), Venus Raj (Strength), Anya Lim (Warmth) and Joy Tanchi-Mendoza (Joy).

Peralejo-Bonifacio (Wisdom) started her acting career at age 12. “I starred in movies that you will not be proud of. I was really young in an industry where there is a lot of foolishness. I was influenced and because of the culture, you don’t really know that what you’re doing is not exactly good or wise for you,” says Rica, who used the wisdom gained from her life’s trials to live as a testament of God’s faithfulness, weaving words that inspire faith.

Education advocate Grace Colet, the executive director of Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, shares grace by helping deserving scholars in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and Technical-Vocational.

“I believe you can only know your purpose and who you are if you know your Creator. God created us with a unique purpose and a unique beauty. What’s important is to know who you are, who you are made to be, and Who made you,” she says.

Life stories

Venus Raj, Miss Universe Philippines 2010 and Miss Universe 2010 — 4th runner up, is the inspiration for the rich chestnut brown color of Strength.

“We were from the province, worked in farms and lived below the poverty line. When I came to Manila and joined pageants, I nearly lost my chance to compete in Miss Universe when I was dethroned due to citizenship issues,” she says.

While Raj managed to grow through each trial, she takes no credit for her resilience. “The strength of the Lord that makes me strong and the strength that I have is not from my own volition, not from my own self but because of the God who made me, who loves me.”

Anya Lim is the person behind the brick red color of Warmth. Lim’s ANTHILL Fabric Gallery redefines fashion with the weavers of Benguet, the Ilocos region, Mindoro, Cebu, Bukidnon and South Cotabato.

Lim shares: “Your worth is celebrated by who you are and who you are becoming. Like how you’re able to put your talents to use, how you were able to celebrate your fullest potential, how good a person you are, and how you treat other people.”

Joy Tanchi-Mendoza’s story of unwavering faith despite a traumatic past is inspiring. “I was a victim of rape and back then I couldn’t imagine how God will use something like this for good.
Even though I didn’t see it back then, I just clung to (my faith). Even the most awful circumstances that may happen to us, we have to believe that God is in control and He’s still in charge,” Tanchi-Mendoza recalls.

“One of the things I realized as I went through that experience was we cannot control the circumstances that happen in our life. And it’s really our response to the circumstances that determine what kind of life we’re going to have, and whether we’re really going to be able to embrace it,” Tanchi-Mendoza adds.

Bigger purpose

Meloto-Wilk says the lipstick line is all part of a bigger purpose.

“I think that we’ve (Human Nature) always been Christian. but then I guess last year when we were soul searching, it just felt like why are we hiding? What has been our reason for making all these radical decisions? For coming up with the no firing policy? With coming up with double the minimum wage? Before, I felt like people wanted to be with us because social enterprise was the trendy term, but then when we were really soul-searching we realized that it’s because we believe in God’s plan for everyone, which is to have dignity, quality of life, which is that everyone deserves the same opportunities as everyone else.”

Made to Bloom Lipstick collection is naturally formulated with cocoa butter and passion fruit seed oil, contains no mineral oil, BHT, carmine, synthetic dyes or other toxic chemicals and comes in environment-friendly paper packaging. Each lipstick comes in beautifully designed paper packaging and uses less plastic than most lipstick tubes.

Made to Bloom Lipstick (P495, 4g) is available in all Human Nature branches nationwide, online via, and in all Beauty Bar stores.