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Rapid relief for Gen Z



Pigging out, drinking the night away and limitless talks with friends and colleagues — these are what most people from the Generation Z are up to these days. And oftentimes, there’s this feeling of twinge deep within our teeth that joins the party.

It is called teeth sensitivity or pangingilo in our native language.

A common, enduring problem caused by dentine exposure brought about by attrition from tooth grinding, erosion from dietary acids or abrasion from brushing too forcibly.

According to studies, tooth hypersensitivity is prevalent to two out of five younger adults between 18 and 25 years, otherwise dubbed as “Generation Z” or “Gen Z.”

“The youth today enjoy a dynamic lifestyle. They are highly mobile and are always multitasking. As such, oral health may not always be a top priority. In fact, more than 50 percent of them do not consult their dentist on problems such as tooth sensitivity and find ways to work around it instead,” said Michael Mallari, GlaxoSmithKline consumer healthcare Philippines expert sales manager.

Purely targeting the Gen Z, Sensodyne launched its new product that will suffice the need of this specific market in combating hypersensitivity problems ­— Rapid Relief toothpaste.
Sensodyne’s newly-introduced toothpaste has a unique and special technology that provide fast relief and lasting protection to beat sensitivity. Furthermore, it possesses an optimized polymer system that produces a scaffold which firmly holds the stannous fluoride and prevents it from being washed away in the mouth.

Stannous fluoride makes tissues found in teeth more resistant to and protected from bacteria and other harmful elements.

“For Filipino Gen Zers, who constantly connect with friends and family through shared meals, experiencing pangingilo is a major distraction and a problem that needs to be addressed.
Instead of enjoying and being able to try out new food, they experience pain and discomfort that takes their attention away from the moments that matter,” he furthered.