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LifeHub arrives in Central Hong Kong




Health coaches, nutritionists and other healthcare practitioners at the new LifeHub Wellcare Center are on a mission to help you improve your health, and to uplift your lifestyle and workplace performance with a full range of integrated treatments and products that are scientifically-designed, affordable and enjoyable, in a convenient walk-in location in Central Hong Kong.

Based on the principles of functional medicine, LifeHub shifts the focus from merely curbing the symptoms of disease to addressing the underlying factors such as genetic predisposition, the environment and lifestyle choices.

ONE of LifeHub’s treatment room.

With evidence-based solutions that are scientifically designed by medical doctors and other practitioners, LifeHub aims to improve not just quality of health and wellness in general, but to also help prevent serious diseases from developing in the first place.

“LifeHub’s mission is to help as many as possible to achieve optimal health affordably,” said Dr Jonathan Seah, the group chairman who is a medical doctor by training. “Many patients take steps to improve their health only after they get very sick. LifeHub is designed to make it easy for everyone to optimize their health with doctor-designed products and treatments, before serious illnesses develop.”

Oxygen Therapy room.

Located at The Loop on Wellington Street next to Lan Kwai Fong, LifeHub is creating a wellness community which is literally at the hub of Hong Kong’s most stressful square mile — the Central Business District of high finance, banking and business.

Adjacent to LifeHub is an integrative medical center, with a team of medical professionals ready to provide specialty treatment for clients with other medical needs.