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Boost to Phl workforce seen



In view of the immense importance of workforce competitiveness and readiness in meeting both emerging and evolving labor market needs in this innovation-driven global economy, social development organization Bayan Academy, in partnership with J.P. Morgan and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), takes the lead in efforts to strengthen tech-voc courses via the National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan (2018-2022 NTESDP).

The main objective of the plan is the development and implementation of the action and investment programs relative to the said NTESDP which involves eight priority industries: tourism, IT-BPM, real estate and construction, agriculture, manufacturing, electronics and electrical equipment, transportation, storage and communication, and health and wellness.

According to the 2018-2022 NTESDP, tourism (+1.5 million), construction (+1.3 million) and IT-BPM (+0.8 million) industries are identified to grow “very rapidly” in terms of number of workers from 2017-2022. Thus, unmet labor demands caused by lack of skills or skills mismatch will entail huge economic losses and social impacts for the country.

Part of the action programming process is to consult the various stakeholders consisting of industry experts and leaders in reformulating TESDA’s current curricula into an ICT-anchored and enterprise-based curricula in order for it to become enterprise-led or demand-based.

Additionally, the initiative aims to help deepen TESDA’s collaboration with a larger and more diverse network of employers and industry leaders. While the enhancement of tech-voc skills education in the country primarily aims to augment industry-driven labor demands in the near future, another critical objective of the NTESDP is to facilitate the creation of expanded employment viabilities and opportunities especially for the country’s most vulnerable communities.

Aside from embedding the Filipino workforce with globally-competitive marketable skills through industry-suited tech-voc training programs, Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr., chairman and president of Bayan Academy, emphasized public/ private-led partnerships as one of the core components in the achievement of economic prosperity, social equity, and expanded opportunities for all.