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Tables turned on Trillanes



In a twist of fate, Senator-elect Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go yesterday hinted at calling graduating Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV for a possible Senate inquiry regarding the latest revelations of Peter Joemel Advincula, alias “Bikoy,” stressing he is convinced that the opposition senator was behind the series of videos implicating the First Family to illegal drugs.

At a press conference following his surrender to the police earlier in the day, Advincula said Trillanes got help from the Liberal Party and religious organizations.

Go stressed the series of videos, entitled “Ang Totoong Narcolist” (The Real Narcolist), has the signature of dirty politics being waged by the political opposition against President Rodrigo Duterte since the 2016 campaigns.

He described the “Bikoy” videos as part of the black propaganda against the Duterte family and him, being a close aide of the President, although it backfired on the opposition resulting in the shut out of the Otso Diretso candidates in the midterm polls for the Senate.

“Now, Trillanes, you wait as I might call you also,” Go said, recalling how Trillanes called him during a Senate inquiry into several issues, including the Navy frigate deal and infrastructure deals in Davao City.

Go had attended all the public hearings he was invited in and expects Trillanes to do the same.

Thanks for exposure

“The Filipino people should know the truth and just like what I’ve said before there is time for this, the world is round,” he added.

Go even thanked Trillanes for calling him during the Senate inquiry, saying “If not for that, I may not be a senator now.”

Advincula confessed Trillanes and other opposition personalities were behind the script of the series of videos implicating members of the First Family and Go to the illegal drugs trade.

Asked if he was sure that Trillanes was really behind Advincula, he replied, “I am sure, as I have said, look at the head of ‘Bikoy’ as it seemed possessed by the brains of Trillanes.”

He stressed that while all those being tagged by Advincula have started denying any part over the mess, it will be good to conduct an investigation to determine who are really behind him.

“They played mind tricks on the public, so they should be held accountable,” said Go.


Probe needed

“’Bikoy’ has lost credibility. Now, everybody is washing their hands on who were really behind ‘Bikoy.’ That should be investigated. Who are the people behind this and what is the goal? ‘Bikoy’ alone cannot do it,” he added.

Go also cited the dirty politics being waged by the opposition against the President as motivation to destroy his credibility and his endorsing power during the last midterm polls.

“But it backfired on them as the Filipino people voted for us, the candidates of President Duterte,” said Go, who finished third in total votes.

Relatedly, Senate President Vicente Sotto III said that he is leaving it up to the concerned committee heads to decide on the latest exposes of Advincula.

“I’ll leave it to the discretion of the respective chairmen of the appropriate committees,” Sotto said.

In a statement, Go said he was not surprised by Advincula’s turnaround since he knew from the start what he said were all lies.

“It is saddening that those who claim to be spotless and decent are behind this dirty trick. This is not the brand of politics that I learned from President Duterte. Definitely, this is not the type that a simple man from the province like myself will be involved in since my only desire is to offer service to my fellow Filipinos,” Go added.

On social media, netizens cited Trillanes’ previous posts that indicated his being complicit to the production of the videos.

“First of all, let me congratulate the people behind the videos that linked the Duterte family to illegal drugs! The accusations of the witness were very serious, quite pointed and well-explained,” he said.

“Having said that, I really wish I was part of the making of the videos so I could relish these moments but sadly I am not. In the meantime, I am looking forward, as everyone else, to the next episode,” Trillanes added.

Dutertes hit scam

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte described Advincula as a “fool” and “a scam” created by people opposed to President Rodrigo Duterte.

“He is a scam created by people who oppose the Duterte administration to discredit the President and some members of our family,” she said.

“This group is so disorganized they cannot even get to first base because the path to their objective is in disarray,” she added.

“If I am the leader of this group, I will shoot myself in the head, get rid of the brain that is not useful,” added Sara.

Incoming Davao City Representative Paolo “Pulong” Duterte wanted an investigation on the latest claims of Advincula.

“From the very start, it was clear that the ‘Bikoy’ videos were fabricated with a narrative taken straight from the playbook of people whose desire is to destroy our name and our reputation,” Rep. Duterte said.

“All the lies presented were also meant to crush the trust of the Filipino people in the authorities and inspire public disgust against the government — truly the handiwork of people who want to undermine the Duterte administration,” he added.

“Without a doubt, as I have said before, Senator Antonio Trillanes was behind it. And now that many names have also surfaced, to include Sen. Risa Hontiveros and several lawyers, I believe a proper investigation is in order,” he said.

With Elmer N. Manuel