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Sore losers




The detractors of President Rody Duterte are so predictable as the cock crows in the morning as they are now launching a Black Friday mass action which they target to be the precursor of bigger rallies planned by the Reds, the yellow mob and some bishops allied with the Liberal Party (LP).

The total thrashing that the opponents of the administration suffered in the just held polls is hard for them to accept and they are now in a state of denial raising allegations and complaints that nobody would care to believe.

The Reds are particularly worried since people extending their trust to Rody and his administration would mean their imminent downfall.

The same goes with the LP and the yellow mob which are disintegrating fast in parallel to the high satisfaction grade on Rody.

The critics claimed “massive and organized cheating” happened in the midterm polls without offering any proof except for the glitches in the automated poll system that should be blamed on equipment supplier Smartmatic.

The communist front Bayan said its proof of manipulation in the polls were the “use of government resources to favor administration bets; the use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police to target and harass opposition groups especially the progressive partylists and candidates; control of the Commission on Elections and the hocus-pocus of the automated polls; martial law in Mindanao and government-sponsored disinformation.”

The use of sweeping statements is the hallmark of the revolutionary groups in that for instance a picket of allied workers of a small cottage industry firm would have to carry the line “bring down the US-(the current president) dictatorship.”

The same inane objective of the yellow mob, which is to attach every death in the determined campaign against narcotics to Rody, led to the huge public distrust of the usual critics.

It was the enemy of Rody that smugly said the midterm polls should be treated as a referendum on Rody. The President obliged saying he wanted it treated as a test of public support.

Now with the overwhelming win of administration candidates, it is still Rody being blamed for the breaking down of machines and systems purchased and first used during the term of former President Noynoy Aquino from the yellow crony firm Smartmatic.

The attacks on Rody became the undoing of the critics resulting to the loss of their candidates in the polls.

Rody’s spokesman Salvador Panelo said the strategy of attacking a non-candidate President, who remains hugely popular with the people, registering an 81 percent public satisfaction rating in favor of his administration, proved disastrous to the opposition candidates.

“Their loss is a clear indictment that our people do not believe in their advocacies, especially on the war on drugs, extrajudicial killings, South China Sea, one-man rule, etc., which they have foisted and peddled to the people. The electorate has seen through the sophistry of espousing their feigned brand of nationalism for many decades, taking advantage of the poor man’s plight,” Panelo said.

The President apparently enjoys making his opponents sweat in discomfort instead of engaging them head on. At one time he said the communists and the yellows can hold their rallies until kingdom come without interference from the government since it is their right to express themselves.

He knows that such rallies will fizzle out without public support which remains with him.

In the same manner, the Reds and the yellow mob are not expected to generate the mobilization it needed to make the so-called Black Friday protest even worth the front pages of newspapers, which is the apparent target of their protest.

“President Duterte will never interfere with the election process, as well as frustrate the sovereign will of the people, for such is the very process which propelled him to the presidency,” Panelo said.

If the midterm polls indeed was a referendum as his critics have demanded, then Rody had won without doubt, which his enemies detached from public sentiment will not accept.