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The healing power of food



Stress is a constant in everyone’s life, wreaking havoc on people’s health. Cancer, hypertension, diabetes, attention deficit disorder and gout are just some of the illnesses that affect millions of Filipinos, often making them entirely dependent on prescription medicine.

In search of a sustainable way to deal with these illnesses, nutritionist Harvie Baron created the Baron Method over 10 years ago, as he sought to harness the healing power of food to help people confront their health challenges.

Having had to live with a debilitating auto-immune disease, he personally experienced that eating well can spell the difference between being well and being sick, and is sharing his discovery with others. Since he achieved healing, his mantra in life has been “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

Today, the Baron Method is quickly gaining acceptance among a growing number of people, who have started to discover how they can attain good health through the food they consume.

The program teaches people how to procure proper ingredients by reading labels; how to choose the right poultry, meat and vegetables; how to prepare food through kitchen strategies and recipes; and most importantly, provides a customized plan to suit the body’s long-term needs.

Helping Harvie in propagating the Baron Method is an A-team of nutritionists who are delighted to see how people’s health continues to improve through the transformative power of food.

One of them is Ana Martinez, who has handled unique cases such as a patient with cancer of the tongue and psoriasis and another with kidney disease who was able to forego dialysis after using The Baron Method.

NUTRITION coaches Ana Martinez, Edrea Torpe and Dianne Hernandez.

“Listening and being able to witness how the clients improve their health and doing the program myself strengthened my belief in the Baron Method. Through the program, it was able to help clients with chronic diseases, such as cancer, to lessen the symptoms and even give them another round to fight. The program even helped a client to manage his acidity and be able to enjoy eating again,” she shares.

Nutrition coach Dianne Hernandez explains that the Baron Method “establishes the unique synergy and relationship of food with the human body. The method provides a holistic, diverse approach on how medical practitioners should look at diseases. It also teaches our clients to re-calibrate their lifestyle and make them understand why they got to where they are at the moment. That alone creates a paradigm shift that food is not the enemy, but a powerful tool in battling disease.”

Edrea Teope, who has seen unique cases such as a diabetic client whose blood sugar spikes up to 400 but is allergic to insulin, says she derives satisfaction in seeing that people are able to comply with the program and seeing how it transforms their lives.

Having helped over a hundred clients, she was hooked by the program when her first patient managed to go through eight rounds of chemotherapy without feeling its usual side effects, simply by using the Baron Method.

The Baron Method team continues to be guided by Harvie himself, who recognizes “the importance of preaching to those who are afflicted with various diseases that life doesn’t need to be lived that way. I want them to know that their health can be in their control by eating well and they are not a victim of genetics and other circumstances.”
For Anna, “The Baron Method is another hand to hold, a support team that would be with you every step of the way until you reach your goal.”