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More than just ‘friends’



Filipino users can now find “the one” through Facebook with the “Secret Crush” feature that the social media giant recently introduced in the country following its launch in five other countries last year.

The feature intends to cater to people eyeing to catch who among their Facebook friends has a crush on them. Unlike other dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, the Secret Crush will automatically suggest user or users who “already” like you.

To use the feature, a Facebook account holder needs to update first the application then the app will ask you to list down nine people who interest you. And if they also listed you as their crush, you will get a heads-up hence you can now chat with each other and start the conversation.

However, a user can’t know if his or her crush also like them back if that person is not on the Secret Crush feature.

The idea that Facebook allowed users to list nine people as their secret crush is purely for fun and excitement.

Facebook also intends users above 18 years old to give dating a try and see whether a “friend” can turn into someone more.

Unlike any other dating app that asks users to swipe on potential dates, Facebook’s Secret Crush asks users to answer questions and start a conversation.

Data collected from Secret Crush is separate from that of Messenger and Facebook. Users can’t see who among their friends are using the app unless they too use it.

As of today, Secret Crush is only available on mobile platforms and can only be accessed by people over the age of 18. Furthermore, there are no payment or subscription fees for the app — it’s completely free.