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‘Bikoy’deep pol oplan

Alvin Murcia



While the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has scratched the surface of the “Bikoy” videos, Labor Undersecretary Jacinto “Jing” Paras sees a deeper network of individuals who financed the arrested owner of a website responsible for the spread of a supposed “narco list” aimed at discrediting President Rodrigo Duterte.

Paras disclosed the video was part of the destabilization efforts by the opposition seeking a leadership change in the midstream of the Chief Executive’s highly popular term.

And for this, he named Vice President Leni Robredo and outgoing Sen. Antonio Trillanes as behind the operation of the

Paras even called Rodel Jayme, the website owner, a small fry in the destabilization game.

“It’s Leni and Trillanes who are behind all these,” Paras exclaimed, explaining that Robredo will be the direct beneficiary of the oust-Duterte plot that the opposition, along with several activist groups including those affiliated with the communist bloc, have been pushing even early into Mr. Duterte’s overwhelming victory in 2016.

“The Robredo-Trillanes cabal is behind this oust-Duterte plot,” Paras said. “The Filipino people should join hands to protect the presidency.”

Yellow conspiracy bared Labor Undersecretary Jacinto “Jing” Paras assails the black propaganda operations meant to oust President Rodrigo Duterte at the Kamuning Bakery Café’s “Pandesal Forum.”

“All these people are liable for the crime of inciting to sedition by producing and spreading the ‘Bikoy’ video,” Paras added.

The series of “Bikoy” videos accused President Duterte of coddling big-name drug lords. They also tagged the President’s children as behind the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

The Chief Executive declared war against drugs even before his presidential victory was imminent in 2016.

“The yellowtards are behind all these,” Paras claimed. “This is entirely political in nature and a direct attempt by these people to return to power.”

Paras also accused several members of the media for sowing misinformation about the First Family by fueling the “Bikoy” story.

“These are ‘fake news,’ but these claims were bolstered by repeated exposure in several media entities that is part of a demolition job against the President,” Paras said.

He also said the media operators working for the plotters have been purveying fake news using all media vehicles and channels. He appealed to Facebook, the most popular social medium in the Philippines, to help evaluate postings by these personalities and interest groups to advance their purpose.

“Facebook and all social media should be vetting all the information shared on their pages, especially those attempting to bring down this government,” Paras said.

The NBI is zeroing on the other personalities who have dealt with Jayme to put up and manage the Internet news site.

Jayme had expressed willingness to become a state witness.

LP pawn Website developer Rodel Jayme who have been identified with Liberal Party big guns former President Noynoy Aquino, senatorial candidate Mar Roxas and yellow supporter Jim Paredes (top photos) is presented by National Bureau of Investigation cybercrime chief Fedinand Lavin to the media. BOB DUNGO JR.

Jayme also admitted to have forged a deal with a certain Maru Nguyen, whom he said is known to him. Jayme, however, claimed knowing Nguyen’s account uses a social media pseudonym.

He also admitted Nguyen as his acquaintance as they are both supporters of the Liberal Party (LP) in the 2016 presidential elections.

He, however, clarified that their deal was only for him to create a website. He said he had nothing to do with the uploading of videos, especially the ones which attacked the President and his relatives.

Jayme claimed fear for his life and said he feels safe with the NBI.

“I just created the website since I am a webmaster. After I gave the access to Nguyen, I did not know what happened and found out it was used to download pictures against the President and his family,” Jayme said.

He said he felt betrayed by those who hired him, saying they are supporters of the LP.

With Elmer N. Manuel