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JLL launches ‘Future of Work’



Real estate consultancy firm Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) Philippines recently launched a forum entitled “The Future Summit of the Urban Land Institute” which aimed at showing the importance of balancing the co-existence of humans and technology in the workplace.

JLL — the country’s leading corporate real estate consultancy firm — continues to endeavor tech-driven projects to deliver global-quality of work utilized by JLL employees for the growing needs of clients.

During the innovation summit, JLL’s PropTech Director Jordan Kostelac said that the realities happening in most workplaces today particularly the digitization in processes and jobs has its own advantages and several positive attributes to organizations without having to lose the human factor.

He added that he takes pride in JLL’s workplace strategy into making technology work for its employees to ensure that services are delivered conveniently.

As a response in the rapidly changing workplace, JLL advocates The Future of Work where it envisions a sustainable outlook on the evolving work environment focused on the overall human experience thriving in a digitally-advanced job set-up.

At the Future Summit, Kostelac mentioned the need for developers in creating work spaces that put the humans or its users at the core. Human experience should be the priority in building a tech-driven work environment.

JLL’s vision of the Future of Work provides a better understanding on how industries must transform to remain relevant and admired while creating impact to the next generation.

According to JLL’s research, the Philippines industries must be equipped with future-ready organizational approaches to maintain growth in its performance specifically among the employees, citing the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry — which employs 1.2 million people — as one of the most prominent sectors that may face several disruption factors, particularly the Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The company added that innovation in the traditional business models may be deemed as a challenge for organizations that continue to function in silos especially when collaboration is highly-fostered among employees across industries, making jobs effectively and efficiently accomplished.

JLL Philippines’ country head Christophe Vicic is currently the chairman of the Property Guru Philippines Property Awards, where he continues to impart the principles of the Future of Work by guiding organizations and industries in determining the success of their future work space.

Vicic takes pride that the new JLL Philippine hub enlivens the vision of the Future of Work where human experience is the focused of the company’s initiatives in achieving digital drive, innovation, operational excellence, and financial performance.

All throughout the design planning for the new Philippine office, the goal was to make the Future of Work happen for the employees, to ensure that technology will adjust to the needs of its user.

JLL continues to contribute in the changing world of work with the Future of Work by taking the lead in industry discussions, where companies globally are guided to be empowered and transform to its very best. JLL’s Future of Work is designed to equip companies amidst disruption with framework and tools necessary to adapt to changes, remain relevant, and create more opportunities in achieving the business goals.