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Yellows’ demise




It is tragic to watch how the yellow mob is self-destructing and has sunk to being similar to a pack of rabid canines tearing at each other that will hasten their extinction.

From the ordeal of Jim Paredes and his “mini” show to lately Mar Roxas and former President Noynoy Aquino’s spat, the yellow predicament indicates the Liberal Party (LP) and its supporters are descending to perdition.

Roxas’ campaign manager, Caloocan 2nd District Rep. Edgar Erice, blew the lid open by blaming the defeat of Roxas in the 2016 presidential race to Noynoy, while saying that Roxas is discarding yellow for blue as a campaign color.

The color shift is hard to swallow since the yellow ribbon had bound both Noynoy and Roxas since political eternity.

Roxas apparently accepted the reality that the color of hubris had lost its luster and Noynoy and his cabal had no credibility with the Filipino nation.

Erice said there was a conscious decision to change colors because one mistake Roxas made in 2016 was to act like Robin to Aquino’s Batman.

“Robin will never be Batman,” Erice said.

The crumbling yellow monolith became too obvious after Noynoy’s celebrity sister Kris Aquino joined the fray lashing out at Erice for blaming Noynoy for Roxas’ downfall.

“Really — to blame his loss on my brother?” Aquino said in a now-archived Instagram post.

“So even his loss in 2010 was also the fault of Noy?” she added, referring to Roxas’ defeat in the vice-presidential race in 2010.

Roxas, however, is desperately disassociating himself with the yellow Otso Diretso in the hope of securing sympathy votes from the supporters of President Rody Duterte and prevent a shutout of the opposition, which seems imminent with the trend in the latest pre-poll surveys.

The gambit apparently came too late for Roxas since the voters will merely see through his desperation and only strengthen Rody’s assessment that he is a political butterfly with the way he easily shifted alliance from former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo where he was the Trade Secretary to Noynoy in whose term he assumed several posts at his convenience.

It is futile for Roxas to classify himself as a candidate independent from the yellows since he had long been a kingpin of the LP and the main beneficiary of the yellow regime of Noynoy.

Noynoy even anointed him as a possible successor as payback to his supposed giving way as the LP standard bearer back in 2010.

Of course, Roxas had no chance of winning the presidency at that time based on his poor survey numbers and the LP had Noynoy who was then enjoying a yellow euphoria after the death of his mother Cory Aquino.

To most voters, the sudden switch of Roxas only showed his true political color which is neither yellow nor blue but a traitorous gray which is neither here nor there in terms of principle.

The effort obviously is to disconnect himself from Noynoy who is considered to have the kiss of political death to anybody associated with him due to the many cases he is facing, among which are the Dengvaxia scandal, the Disbursement Acceleration Program anomalies and the Mamasapano carnage of 44 Special Action Force commandos.

Roxas had been known to have exerted great efforts to portray himself as having no hand in the missteps of Noynoy which is a farfetched illusion.

Wherever Noynoy went, Roxas the doppelganger was there.

The yellow mob is disintegrating and so is the political future of Noynoy, Roxas and the scheming LP.