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Teledyne’s new 5 Mpixel, CMOS image sensor



Teledyne e2v, a Teledyne Technologies company and innovator of vision solutions, announces the expansion of its Emerald family of CMOS image sensors with a new five megapixel device.

The Emerald 5M is designed for machine vision, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and factory automation applications that require higher resolution images of objects in motion, with no distortion. Available in both monochrome and color, this sensor has a small 1/1.8 inch optical format, containing a 2.8 μm, low-noise, global shutter pixel and arranged in a 2,560 x 1,936 array. The device can also stream video at 50 fps at 10 bits, over a four wire, MIPI CSI-2 interface.

The Emerald 5M is designed to enable fast, wide-range operation and includes powerful unique patented features and region of interest modes. The sensor is optimized for machine vision applications and includes 5° Chief Ray Angle compensation and is offered in a ruggedized CLGA package or miniaturized organic fan-out package that is only 1.19 mm thick.

The Emerald 5M also provides flexibility to R&D engineers with its global shutter and MIPI CSI-2 interface, which allows it to utilize the latest Image Signal Processors (ISP) available for mobile applications. The sensor’s embedded digital functionalities (multi region of interest, subsampling, auto exposure at first frame, single frame HDR and on-chip statistics) help reduce processor load and hasten time-to-market.

Key features:
Global shutter CMOS pixel (2.8 μm x 2.8 μm)
1/1.8” optical format
MIPI CSI-2 interface, up to 4 wires
Package options: CLGA or fan-out organic package
Color Filter Array options: monochrome or color Bayer
On-chip functionalities: multi ROI, subsampling, single frame exposure, single frame HDR
This latest 5 megapixel device is a member of the expanding Emerald family of sensors, which are now available in resolutions of 2, 8.9, 12, 16 and 67 megapixels.