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Parqal breaks ground, eyes 2021 completion



As Parqal’s designated developer, D.M. Wenceslao Associates Inc. (DMWAI) on 6 March led the groundbreaking ceremony of the state-of-the-art project, the first phase of which is set to be finished by the end of 2021.

A five-hectare property at the heart of the progressive city of Paranaque, Parqal will be a multi-functional development that celebrates the Philippines’ rich history and heritage.

“The original concept for Parqal was to be the park area of Aseana City, but we are still retaining that with all of the green spaces and the kalye concept. And if you take a look at it, it’s actually a retail street running 1.7 kilometers. It’s actually taking inspiration from retail streets with canopies all over the world like in Las Vegas, Japan and Korea.”

DELFIN Wenceslao, CEO of Aseana City.

Parqal will have a gross floor area (GFA) of 78,000 square meters with nine four-story buildings. It will occupy two blocks of Macapagal Boulevard in the city: Block 2 which links Calero Drive and Macapagal Boulevard and Block 5 that connects Macapagal Boulevard and Imao Road.

DMWAI plans to provide the kind of surroundings where people can unwind and get away from the hassle of the metro. For its modern urban planning, the Wenceslao-led developer will allot 60 percent of the overall lot area of Parqal to topography that lavishly exhibits nature-like landscapes and leisure attractions.

Officers of D.M. Wenceslao and Associates Inc. (DMWAI) leads the unveiling ceremony of Parqal.

“Decades ago, sustainable park living in the city was only a dream for Filipinos. With Parqal, this dream is now a reality. Imagine a long retail spine where you can find themed open-spaces every five-minute walk. I think that’s something you can only find in Aseana City,” stated Buds Wenceslao, chief executive officer of DMWAI.

Parqal touches will include the Bahay na Bato concept from the architectural designs prevalent during the Philippines’ Spanish colonial period that’s very much alive up until now.
The five-hectare construction will also utilize EFTE, a sustainable material that will allow sunlight in, while minimizing heat and allowing plant life to flourish.

Come 2021, its expected finish, Parqal will feature mixed-use developments (residential and commercial) spaces that will create more livelihood for Filipinos. The residential developments will offer premium condominiums while the commercial spaces will house office and retail spaces.

Dra. Sylvia Wenceslao vice president for treasury (middle) with CEO Delfin Wenceslao (from left), chairman Delfin Wenceslao Jr., COO Paolo Wenceslao and Carlos Wenceslao vice president for Resource Management.

“Parqal is not just about retail. We are going to offer two floors for retail and two floors of offices above [per building] because we are trying to attract various types of industries,” said Julius Guevara, DMWAI’s vice president for Corporate Planning, during Parqal groundbreaking ceremony.

Realizing that there is already a large number of big players in the Philippines’ real estate industry, Guevara acknowledged that instead of competing with them, the company will strive to offer something that will disrupt the market.

“We don’t want to compete with the big boys. We try to create unique and special retail experiences here in the bay area that would complement and not directly compete with the [current] offerings here,” he added.

The 50-year-old property developer envisions itself as an instrument to create a more sustainable living for Filipinos. With Parqal, DMWAI hopes to attain a four- to five-star ranking from the local counterpart of Green Building Council, BERDE.

“We are trying to be BERDE, which is the local counterpart of Green Building Council. It will feature a lot of green and sustainable practices, one of which is the canopy that minimizes the cost of energy related to the running air-conditioners.”