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Coocaa enters Manila market



With the mantra “change, innovate, explore,” Coocaa, the television brand in Lazada Indonesia, is now available for the Philippine Market.

Purely targeting e-Commerce, Coocaa wanted to penetrate the younger generations who are now, more than ever, leaning towards digital life. And in the Philippines where e-Commerce platforms are widely utilized, the company saw great opportunities.

“At this day and age, family quality time is most likely to involve electronic devices and all the technology that comes with it. We understand the vital needs of at-home connectivity and believe that Filipinos deserve to have an entertainment package that is both cutting edge and affordable and Coocaa makes that possible,” said Rock Zhang, general manager of Coocaa Philippines.

Coocaa has three series under its portfolio namely Explore, Innovate and Change.

Considered their most advanced offering, the S5G Explore series is available in two sizes: 50 and 40 inches, with both equipped with Google Assistant. Powered by Google, consumers can turn on and off the fan, activate humidifiers, or switch lamp color, all these made possible by AIot technology.

Curious about the price? Well, it will not empty your wallet that much as the Explore series’ 50 and 40 inches TV are priced P22,990 and P13, 990, respectively. This portfolio is intended for the tech-savvy people who put more weight on the technical elements of a device.

Now, Coocaa understands that their target market is very fond of watching movies and series. In fact, the Philippines market is one of the heavy subscribers to Netflix. To address this need among Filipinos, Coocaa launched Innovate S3N series.

Unlike the first series, Innovate series has three variants: 32, 40 and 43 inches, with All built-in Netflix 5.1 feature for consumers to watch more than 700 movies and TV shows.

“We wanted to focus (the Innovate series) on the fundamental design of a TV,” said Taylor He, Coocaa’s business manager, during the media launch on March 14.

The Innovate series cost P9,990, P12,990 and P14,990.

On the other hand, Coocaa put importance on consumers who are energy conscious thus giving life to the Change series that features a 32-inch basic TV costs of P7,490 only.

Change series highlights an HD-ready panel, SRS Dolby Audio+ and 178-degree angle views. Not to mention, its energy saving technology.

“Coocaa has achieved great grades, becoming the top TV brand in Lazada Indonesia and other countries. We are excited to be part of Coocaa’s new chapter in the Philippines. Its affordable prices and great technology have an easy appeal with the Filipino market, bringing all the excitement of a smart TV into numerous homes,” said the chief business officer of Lazada, Emmanuelle Chavarot.

Starting 18 March, Coocaa’s official flagship store will be out and about on Lazada.