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AFP nixes Red talk offers



The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday warned the government to go slow in resuming peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

Brig. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., deputy chief of staff for civil military operations (J7) of the AFP, said while the communists were talking about peace, their real and ultimate intention, however, is to establish proletarian dictatorship in the country.

Parlade said such is among the deceptions being peddled by the CPP-NPA under the baton of Jose Maria Sison, as they continued to pursue armed revolution against the established government.

As head of the civilian military operation, Parlade said one of his duties is to inform the public of the true character of the communist movement, branding it as the scam of the century.

“The CPP Constitution and by-laws clearly define their strategy in the end, establish a proletarian dictatorship. So what democracy are they talking about? That’s classic deception,” Parlade added.

“To demonstrate their revolutionary dual tactics, their organs and exploited sectors are now pushing and influencing President Duterte to go back to talks with Joma, using pursuit for peace as their motive,” Parlade said.

“In reality, it is to pursue their revolution which was derailed because the government abandoned talks in Utrecht,” he added.

Parlade said Sison’s formula of peace negotiation is doomed as President Duterte’s localized peace talks are gaining ground now as evidenced by continuing mass surrender of NPA fighters in various parts of the country.

The AFP has been attracting volume of NPA surrenderers through its Oplan Balik Loob and Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program — providing livelihood assistance, even housing, necessary for the former rebels return to mainstream society.

He also cited Duterte’s creation of a national task force as a boost to the military’s campaign to end communist insurgency.

“Fifty years of deception by the CPP is enough. Now we have the best chance to end insurgency. The localized peace talks are gaining ground and the negative effect is felt by the CPP,” Parlade added.