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‘Virgin’ reclaimed




The beaches of the Philippines are a favorite destination of tourists. This is so because they offer a unique and exhilarating encounter with nature with their fine sand, crystal clear water and the sound of splashing waves. That is the expected picture.

However, in Bohol’s Virgin Island, this awesome sandbar almost lost its status as a wondrous attraction as food stalls were erected there by some opportunistic locals. More than being eyesores that robbed the sliver of white sand its beauty, the structures threatened to spoil the spot with trash. The sight turned off visitors and totally disregarded the lessons of Boracay.

Fortunately, some local officials were alert and swift in addressing the issue. After seeing photos of the illegal structures on social media, the local government of Panglao, which has jurisdiction over the island, particularly the Coastal Resource Management (CRM) and municipal staff, convinced the concerned vendors to voluntarily dismantle their makeshift stores.

The sandbar is now cleared of illegal structures for beachgoers to enjoy. Municipal and CRM officials, as well as the local police in Panglao and Bohol, confirmed this after a visit on Saturday and they posted photos of the reclaimed Virgin Island sandbar on social media to prove it.

With the efforts of the said Bohol officials, unspoiled beauty can still be recovered and restored. Virgin Island will still live up to its name and give visitors a chance to delight in its awesomeness.