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PLDT answers Digong’s scare



“If you see corruption, tell me. Call 8888. Bong, add another trunk line. The present setup can’t accommodate all the calls. It’s always busy. Tell PLDT. If not, I’ll shut down their business.”

This was what President Rodrigo Duterte threatened dominant telecommunication company PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) with during a campaign rally in Cebu recently.

The 90-year-old company responded positively.

Manny V. Pangilinan or more commonly known as MVP, in response to Duterte’s scare, said that they are “gonna put more lines than the 20 mandated in the contract with the government and we will man it ourselves.”

MVP admitted that due to poor manning of the anti-graft and corruption hotline, the telco company has not been able to answer and address all the calls received.

“We are responding to the President’s criticism,” the PLDT and MERALCO chief added.

The business tycoon admitted the company’s shortcomings and also pleased that the President has gotten their attention.

Despite the initial agreement that the telco company will only provide 20 lines in the 8888 hotlines, Pangilinan said that they would augment the current roster of trunk lines in response to the clamor of the President and to accommodate more citizens’ needs.