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GoDigital activates its OKTO series



Technology has changed consumers’ thinking and perception towards making purchases and transaction these days. And everyone’s going digital nowadays, from the business owners to the end consumers themselves.

From booking flights, online shopping and ride-hailing apps are what drive consumers to go with digital wallet or go cashless when doing transactions. The main reasons? It’s convenient, fast and safe, some of the little luxuries paying with cash may sometimes can’t provide.

GoDigital recently launched its OKTO series products that are designed to give customers a complete digital transaction experience. GoDigital introduced the OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty, and OKTO P.O.S.

Started on 2016 composed mainly of gamers, GoDigital is now redefining the digital age with the vision of transforming and boosting the presence of SMEs in the country. But even with the presence of a lot of companies providing cashless transactions, the company still “don’t see anybody as competitor,” said Mark Joseph Gomez, the marketing director, during the press launch on Thursday.

He explained, GoDigital focuses on their advantages, customization and robustness.

For the benefits of both businesses and consumers, OKTO Pay provides cash-free transactions with the help of a user-friendly digital wallet. Through navigating the application, a consumer can, without an ounce of hassle, pay bills, purchase e-pins or even buy cellular loads.

Wanting to disrupt the industry, GoDigital made the OKTO Pay available to the market without having them maintain a certain amount of balance.