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Greedy losers




Some people just can’t quit while they are ahead. And oftentimes, greed caused their downfall.

Take the case of two con artists in Quezon City.

Arriving at a lottery outlet in Quezon City on a motorcycle, a man and a woman presented what was purportedly a winning “Scratch It” lottery card. After a cursory examination, the sales clerk gave them the cash prize of P1,000. The two immediately left.

But just after a few minutes, the two came back and presented what they claimed was another winning ticket. Her suspicion aroused, the sales clerk called the outlet owner to verify the supposed lucky card — later determined to have been altered.

The two suspects panicked and ran off, leaving the motorcycle behind, which was impounded by the police. A few days later, a certain Michael Pantaleon came to the police station, telling the police he is the real owner of the vehicle and that his niece “Kit” had borrowed it from him.

Armed with the information provided by Pantaleon, the police are now tracking down the two suspects to arrest them. Chances are they won’t beat the odds this time.

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