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New gaming spectacle is a stadium



Not in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not in Macao, China, definitely. And not in Borgata Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. But it’s here in our country — the Players Stadium in Solaire Resort and Casino that’s kicking up the gaming experience to a higher notch.

The Players Stadium is a pinnacle of innovation in the gaming industry as it, being the very first one in the world, features an overall 360 square meters of screen, 96 input and output channels with which a line of communication is created and more than 70,000 of interior screws and fixings.

“The Players Stadium is unlike anything that our guests have seen before. It offers variety in one setting at the same time letting them experience something that no other property has,” said Cyrus Sherafat, Solaire’s executive vice president for casino marketing.

The stadium, which was officially opened to the public last week, is the biggest of its kind in the world. This groundbreaking arena features a gaming space with 91 million pixels in a 310 pieces-construct of screen that are 65-inch in size respectively. These screens simultaneously parade the live and the digital side of all the games such as Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette, Derby Horse Racing or Money Wheel.

Solaire added these screens that are not only hanging area but as well as on the pillars of the very stadium. For the hanging screens alone, 20 kilometers of internal wirings were used.

The screens use light emitting diodes or LED display that are more efficient due to its low-energy consumption, in addition to producing more brilliant and higher intensity displays.

Refurbishing their clientele’s gaming experience, Solaire also appended 14 reclining chair for the VIP that spotlighted a very comfortable seat for them who want to be amused and relaxed concurrently.