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More areas want dengue declaration

Miguel Paolo Togonon



The Department of Health in Central Visayas (DoH-7) on Friday urged local government officials to recommend the declaration of a dengue outbreak in at least nine towns and cities in the region because of the number of children sick of the mosquito-transmitted illness.

In a statement, DoH-7 dengue program coordinator Dr. Ronald Jarvik Buscato said these areas have already “exceeded the epidemic thresholds for the number of dengue cases” and that their local governments should declare an outbreak.

“Among the areas that exceeded the epidemic thresholds are Lapu-Lapu City and Sibonga town in Cebu province; Tagbilaran City and the towns of Trinidad, Cortes, Dauis, Clarin, and Loon in Bohol province and Lazi town of Siquijor province,” Buscato said.

Dr. Ronald Jarvik Buscato

It can be remembered that the World Health Organization explained that an “epidemic threshold” is the critical number or density of susceptible hosts required for an epidemic to occur. The epidemic threshold is used to confirm the emergence of an epidemic so as to step up appropriate control measures.

“Another factor to consider for an outbreak is if the average number of cases for the past five years has risen by 10 percent,” Buscato explained.