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Rody’s name used in scam

Kristina Maralit



The Bureau of Customs (BoC) on Thursday warned its officials and employees against unscrupulous individuals using President Rodrigo Duterte’s name to solicit campaign funds and materials for several administration candidates for the 13 May midterm elections.

Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero revealed he received reports that several private and public entities — including the BoC — have been duped by the racketeers who claimed authorization from the President to raise election funds.

“President Duterte has never authorized or ordered anyone to solicit money intended for campaign on his behalf,” Guerrero said.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo also confirmed receiving reports about the money-making scheme have reached the Office of the President.

“The people by now should know that such a practice goes against the very principle which this administration protects and advocates,” Panelo said.

“For everyone’s information and guidance, the President has not authorized anyone in either the private or public sector, including government agencies like the Bureau of Customs, to resort to such illegal undertakings,” the official said.

“The general public is therefore forewarned and violators given a stern warning to cease and desist from these unlawful activities,” he added.

The BoC, on the other hand, said it has advised its officials and employees to be careful in dealing with such requests and solicitations.

“Any person, regardless if one works in the government as an official or employee, who is or has been made the subject of solicitation using the name of the President, whether deliberate or inadvertent, should report immediately such fraud to the National Bureau of Investigation or to other law enforcement agencies,” Panelo said.

“This is yet another money-making scheme and those involved in this scam shall be dealt with in accordance with law.” he added.

With Elmer Navarro