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Wallpaper tactic




Cebu Institute of Technology-University architecture graduate Justin Lei Ramos was the topnotcher in the board exams for architects held last January with a score of 83.80. How she bested 1,120 passers of the tests is interesting as her brother Sean revealed in photos he posted on Facebook this week.

If board examinees take review classes in review centers, Lei had an unorthodox way of studying for the exams. It was done inside her room but as her brother’s photos showed, she used more than a study table for reviewing. The entire wall of Lei’s room is posted with papers containing handwritten notes and drawings about architecture.

The patchwork of papers has notes on the theory of architecture; history of architecture timeline; arches and domes; classic moldings; church, fort and theater floor plans; design process; elevator shaft sizes; structural forms; electrical wire color code; types of steel bar and rebar grade; allowable unit stresses for structural steel; roofing materials; concrete and mortars proportioning; concrete mixer capacity; building technologies; ceramic ware and structural clay tile; National Artist awardees and Philippine building laws. There are also photos of famous architects labeled with their names.

With that wallpaper of information flashing in front Lei whenever she is in her room, it wasn’t surprising that lessons easily stuck in her mind. As for her fate of scoring the highest grade in the board exams, it was literally the writing on the wall.

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