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The future of textbooks is here




To the non-techie person like me, the sight of the earth’s core floating over the book’s surface in augmented reality is a wonder, reminiscent of how I felt when I saw the movie AI (Artificial Intelligence) years ago. Well, folks, the future is definitely here.

Vibal, a household name in the publishing industry and the pioneer of e-books in the country, has given a glimpse of the future of textbooks through LearnLive AR app launched recently at a hotel in Quezon City.

On a purely technical aspect, LearnLive AR is a mobile application that renders materials into 3D models through augmented reality (AR) technology. Through superimposed computer-generated images, AR enhances the user’s view of the physical world through sounds, graphics and touch feedback.

PAUL Baloja, head of Brand Management, introduces LearnLive AR.

One popular example of AR technology is the mobile game Pokemon Go that uses smartphone cameras to allow players to interact with Pokemon characters superimposed over real-life surroundings.

In education, AR’s application will be best appreciated. Developed by Vibal’s in-house software engineer technology arm Vibe Technologies, LearnLive AR allows learners to interact and fully engage with the lessons. It promotes motivation and engages both teachers and students in the learning experience.

“Bridging traditional methods of teaching and digital learning has been made easy through LearnLive AR,” said Vibal’s head of Publishing Christopher Datol. “Complex ideas are simplified and made more interesting through the use of visual 3D models, videos and auditory features, thus making it easier for students to understand difficult concepts.”

A gadget is placed on top of a reading material. Through computer-generated images, viewers are treated to an enhanced view of the physical world through sounds, graphics and touch feedback.

LearnLive AR, the country’s first mobile app that integrates AR into Philippine textbooks, will be available to Vibal textbook users starting June 2019 without any additional cost.The application will be downloadable on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users free of charge.

Through a smartphone or tablet with Learnlive AR mobile application, one can scan the designated image in a Vibal textbook and unlock digitized renditions of concepts, theories, processes. For iOS and Android users, they can use a VGA or HDMI adapter, Apple TV or Casting device (Chromecast and AnyCast).

In a country that is still Internet-challenged, one may just download the app and its assets and can already use it offline. It consumes 120MB to 400MB of storage space for downloads as low as 1MB to 12MB.

Initially, the books that can be explored through the Learnlive AR mobile application are: Science in Our World 1-6 Revised Edition, Science & Technology 7-10 Revised Edition, Rainbows in English 1-6 Revised Edition, Living with MAPEH 1-6 Edition and Kultura, Kasaysayan, at Kabuhayan (KKK) 1-6 K to 12 Edition.

Interested individuals may email marketing@vibalgroup to experience augmented reality in textbooks. Evaluation copies are also available upon request through email: and telephone number 580-7400/ 1-800-100-VIBAL (84225).

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