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The Kris conundrum



Will she or won’t she?

In a social media post last November, Kris Aquino denied any plans of running for a government position either in 2019 or 2022.

“Definitely not in 2019, I don’t think in 2022 kasi I have health restrictions. Unless, there is some miracle that will happen,” she is quoted in a GMA News online report on 1 November 2018.

A Facebook Live broadcast from Singapore posted on her social media account on Wednesday, however, revealed a conundrum.

In veiled words, the sister of former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III declared her political plans in the 2022 presidential elections as she rebutted accusations of threatening her former business manager Nicko Falcis harm over a P40-million investment case.

“This has to do with 2022. Alam natin ‘yung pumupondo ng trolls, [ng] machinery backing Nicko. They are saying I am not healthy enough for 2022. [But] let’s be honest, sa ginawa niyo sa akin, papalakas ako, humanda kayo,” said Aquino in a Facebook Live broadcast posted on her social media account Wednesday, referring to her spat with Falcis.

“That is what my Dad told me. Don’t tell them your plans, just do it. Kaya humanda kayo, papalakas talaga ako,” she added.

Aquino linked Falcis’ accusation that she allegedly threatened to have him killed to a “well-funded demolition job” against her backed by powerful political figures.

“The Falcis [brothers] are being used as pawns, they are expendable. They are being used by bigger political powers,” Aquino said in denying a leaked audio of her “kill threats” to Falcis, whom she sued for allegedly failing to pay her P40 million that he owes her.

“He (Falcis) waited for 110 days. Kung grave threat talaga, dapat the very next day kinasuhan mo na ako,” Aquino said.

“Sinabi ko (I said) you will be jailed, nagkamali ako roon, inaamin ko (I was wrong, I admit). I apologized dahil sa tindi ng galit ko (for how angry I was) because my son was breaking down, he knew how serious autoimmune disease is,” she said.

“Kung galit ako, karapatan ko ‘yun, buhay ng mga anak ko ang kinuha niya. Ang ninakawan niya, special child (I have every right to be angry because he took away something from my children’s lives. Who he stole from is a special child)). [But] whatever the future holds, you can see…Kris is back, and she is a better Kris because she knows who to trust, who to get rid of. Not to execute ah. ‘Di naman kami ganun (We are not like that),” she said.