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PBA bans ‘Spiderman’ dunk




The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) on Wednesday released a memorandum prohibiting all players from hanging on the rim after every made dunk.

“A player, however, who hangs onto the rim after a dunk and places either or both of his feet onto the backboard, shall be assessed with an unsportsmanlike technical foul,” the PBA said in an officiall letter sent to all teams.

With this, the most prominent dunker in the league — Arwind Santos — will no longer be allowed to make his famous “Spiderman” jam, where he is always putting his feet on the backboard before landing on the court.

PBA bans "Spiderman dunk"

The PBA banned the "Spider-man" dunk to abide with FIBA rules. Players will now be slapped with an unsportsmanlike technical foul if they hang on the rim and place their feet on the backboard.***Watch #SportsCenterPH every night at 9:30 PM on TV5 or via live stream on ESPN5’s YouTube channel.

Sports5 发布于 2019年1月15日周二

Meanwhile, a player can only hang on the ring, backboard or its support to prevent injury to himself or another player.

It was the latest rule change in the Asia’s first play-for-pay league following also the three major changes announced prior to the opener of the 44th season.

Starting this season, the PBA is already patterning its traveling violation with the International Basketball Federation in a bid to fit with the international play.

FIBA is implementing a 0-1-2 step rule in traveling violation, giving a player an extra gather step before the officials call it a turnover. With this, the PBA will have a fast-paced game as players will no longer be assessed with traveling violations more often.

Also one of the key rule changes announced by commissioner Willie Marcial is the goal tending call, which is now considered as a reviewable play from start to finish of the game.

The PBA will also grant timeouts to coaches through verbal gestures from now on, unlike in the past when officials only accept hand signs to allow a timeout.

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