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Hope for your hair

Dinah S. Ventura



Soon, the Philippines will be able to experience what the Tanimura Hair Care Method is about, and why Japan’s Hair Hospital Group is considered the savior of many dead and dying strands, so to speak.

Shoichi Tanimura, president and CEO of Kami no Byou-in SANC (Hair Hospital SANC), was in town late last year for one of his annual visits and announced that he would be opening his first official overseas salon at Okada Manila Casino & Hotel Resort in March 2019.

To be named HH-Japan, the planned high-end salon will offer the same expert service and luxurious ambiance similar to those in Japan.

Known for his highly effective products that promote a healthy scalp and hair, as well as for the brilliance of “jewel hair” that the use of these products result in, Tanimura stressed that he wanted to expand into the Philippines to share knowledge and expertise more than anything else.

“We are here to share our knowledge and help the industry in this country gain the expertise we possess firsthand at an early stage. Furthermore, our real mission is to create jobs. The demand for hairdressers in the Philippines is increasing, creating job opportunities. By utilizing our salon as a base, we will offer free training programs offered in two levels: Basic Hairdressing Training and HH Technician Training,” he said in a statement.

Danae Premium Line has become the core element of a salon’s image-building strategy.

Tanimura first came to the Philippines 10 years ago to go surfing, and he fell in love with the people. Since then, he came back every year and then thought of showing his appreciation by offering people free training. He went on to do more volunteer and charity work in Pampanga.

According to his profile information, as of 2016, Tanimura has had “over 70,000 students and trainees under him, an achievement made by holding 200 seminars annually, teaching treatment techniques and methods and giving clinical trainings, all from a scientific perspective and facts.”

He teaches beauty technique theories and methods, human resources training and development and business management.

His expansion into the Philippines is aimed to “establish hair treatment clinics in the country.”
He counts among his loyal clients royal families and the First Lady of the first President of Mongolia.

Black geisha hair

Tanimura’s core belief is that healthy hair is the foundation of beautiful style.

In his company website, he says, “Back when Kami no Byou-in SANC (Hair Clinic SANC) was founded in 2002, majority of hair salons only focused on how to ‘create a hairstyle.’ In my eyes this sad reality was comparable to how people only cared about which makeup products to use and the technique of how to apply makeup and not caring about the actual skincare and health itself.

“Chemically induced shampoos and treatments, hair-coloring and bleach, perming, among others, drown your hair and scalp with chemicals…. But all is fine as long as you can cover up your damaged hair or at least that’s how typical salons would sell it you and try to keep you happy with your chemically enhanced hair, which actually may look good from the outside.

hair with jewel-like brilliance after the sanc treatment.

“However, it is quite rare to spot a woman with exceptionally beautiful hair on the streets.
“From the world’s perspective, Japan holds an image as a ‘country with beautiful hair’ like the gorgeous black hair of geishas.

“As I began doubting the conventional beauty theories and traditional ways, I embarked on a research journey attempting to understand the true essence of health and beauty of hair that cannot be resolved with just hairdressing and styling.

“Since then, my journey has led me to a pursuit of new hair science, holding a core concept of ‘reassurance, safety and health.’ Eager to end the evil spiral of chemical overdose, I have succeeded in creating a formula and technique that successfully regenerates beautiful hair cycles by bringing back one’s hair and scalp into their natural state. My work was finally recognized and received great attention after being introduced in NHK’s (Japan’s national public broadcast) TV program as a ‘Temple of Refuge for Troubled Hair’ and continued to be featured in various media.”

How lucky that Manila will soon have this refuge for troubled hair!

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