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AboitizPower energizes eco zone




AboitizPower has demonstrated a bias for the environment and has partnered with a property developer known for preserving as much of the natural ecosystem as can be preserved in its projects.

The power firm committed to service the power requirements of the Science Park of the Philippines Inc. (SPPI), one of the country’s leading industrial estate developers and its latest development project at the Light Industry and Science Park (LISP) IV, a 212-hectare park situated in Malvar, Batangas.

LISP IV is part of a mixed-use development called Malvar Cybergreen, which includes commercial, institutional and residential components. It retains about 35 percent of its original landscape to preserve its natural ecosystem that enhances the environmental quality of the park. It has numerous advantages including the ability to withstand the worst-recorded flooding in the area in a hundred years.

“With our goal to make LISP IV another world-class and sustainable industrial estate similar to our other developments, we saw the need for a partner who shares our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability,” said SPPI president Richard Albert Osmond.

The Science Park of the Philippines Inc. partners with AboitizPower to energize its 212-hectare Light Industry and Science Park IV in Malvar, Batangas. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Jaime Jose Aboitiz, executive vice president and chief operating officer of AboitizPower Distribution Business Group, said that “this new partnership underscores AboitizPower and SPPI’s efforts to provide Filipinos and foreign partners with excellent business support and services that are adherent to global standards. Economic zones, through their products and services, are major drivers of our economy. They provide thousands of Filipinos with gainful employment. We are happy to support these zones and their locators through reliable, dependable and efficient power, so they can continue to contribute to the growth of the economy, our people, and the country.”

AboitizPower, through its distribution utility, Malvar Enerzone Corp., will manage the construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the power distribution of LISP IV for 25 years.

LISP IV will have two 50-megawatt transformers to ensure that its locators, most of which are export manufacturing and industrial companies, will have reliable and good quality power supply. AboitizPower has been in the power distribution business for 80 years now. It operates the second and third biggest distribution utilities in the country — Visayan Electric Co., which serves the Metro Cebu area and Davao Light and Power Co., which serves Davao City and its surrounding areas. It also operates Cotabato Light and Power Co.
AboitizPower’s EnerZone Group has also been the trusted power distribution partner of various Philippine Economic Zone Authority-registered economic zones in Mactan, Balamban, Subic and Lipa, ensuring reliable and dependable power supply for locators.

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