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‘BeiDou’ officially goes global




BEIJING — China recently announced that the primary system of BeiDou-3 has been established and started to provide global services, meaning its home-grown BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) officially went global.

The BDS has been performing well in the Asia-Pacific region and it goes global with cutting-edge technology and high-quality service.

“The BDS is very popular in Indonesia,” said Marianto Yang, an agent selling satellite navigation equipment in Indonesia, adding that the system offers services superior to similar equipment.

In November 2017, BeiDou-3, the latest generation of the BDS, started its satellite constellation, which was completed this November.

Xie Jun, deputy chief designer of the system, said the goal of the design of BeiDou-3 is to provide services with comparable accuracy to those of the third generation of the Global Positioning System owned by the United States and European Galileo system.

The new progress of BeiDou-3 offers an alternative to the world.

“We have seen great potential in the BeiDou system,” said Sabira Khatun, a professor who specializes in electronics engineering at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, emphasizing that the system has brought opportunities for academic cooperation on navigation between the two countries.

The BDS was created in a spirit of openness and cooperation. Before BeiDou-3 started its global service, services provided by BeiDou-2 had been applied in over 70 countries and regions, from land planning and supervision of river transport in Myanmar to urban modernization and smart tourism in Brunei.

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