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Packaging turn to reusable materials




Trend forecasting service WGSN has revealed that a key packaging trend in 2019 and 2020 has been toward reusable and sustainable materials with a natural feel.

“Eco-conscious components such as recycled pulp moulds and paper pouches are key and so are raw and unrefined porous composites and hand-crafted surfaces. Sanded wood and uncoated papers reflect a simple, uncomplicated ethos of slowing down and embracing mindfulness,” WGSN said in a trend report.

It said sustainable materials will become more important, noting that material choices reflect a growing demand for products that can be reused or recycled to reduce carbon emission.

The trend report identified “purpose full” direction over the next two years, which dedicates sustainability, mindful design and the making process.

“Packaging has a quiet simplicity, with hand-crafted designs that reference the past. This trend is split into two stories: mindful simplicity and slow craft,” it said, noting repetitive mark-making and retro graphics create a familiar and comforting visual language.

The trend forecaster further said beauty packaging is going back to basics, with boxes and compacts are slotted together and feature comforting retro-inspired hues.

It also expects colors in the purpose full palette having a retro and timeless appeal.

“Natural tones are muted and can be combined in clashing pairings,” it noted.

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