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Urban farming project gets partners




Publicly-listed Italpinas Development Corp. (IDC) is partnering with agricultural business firm AccelSPROUT as part of the developer’s plan to incorporate organic urban farming in future projects.

Architect Romulo Nati, chairman and chief executive officer of IDC, recently met with AccelSPROUT chief executive officer Glen Villaroman for a potential collaboration on IDC’s current and future projects.

Nati said IDC is planning to incorporate a green roof top and orchard in Phase 1 of Primavera City in Cagayan de Oro that is nearing completion.

He added Phase 2 scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2019 would feature an even bigger green roof top in scale.

Nati said IDC’s flagship Luzon project Miramonti Green Residences in Sto. Tomas will also implement green roof in its plans and in all future projects.

“Since we are advocating sustainable development, it’s not only about energy or water but it’s also about food or community. Agricultural activity can bring people together,” Nati added.

AccelSPROUT is an agricultural business firm with farm models on urban agricultural developments combined with strategic planning, farm monitoring and market linkage.

Villaroman, who is also the national mentor for GoNegyoso’s Kapatid Agri Mentor Me Program (KAMMP), said roofs as an ideal space for urban agricultural development.

“It can be done, it’s just a way when you conceptualize it. I think the rooftops would be great because it’s unutilized space,” Villaroman said.

According to him, both IDC and AccelSPROUT share a common advocacy in taking care of the environment, raising the issue on food security as a pressing problem in the Philippines.
Villaroman hopes his projects may be a solution in reducing food prices.

Nati and Villaroman said both companies are discussing a possible partnership to explore a synergy that would make use of AccelSPROUT’s expertise in organic urban farming and to integrate green roofs in IDC’s green amenities.

Villaroman added that this planned green haven in the project is also an indirect way to create good community relations with people living in the building.

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