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Xi pledges more encompassing reforms




President Xi Jinping said on Sunday that China will make consistent efforts to comprehensively deepen reform and expand opening-up and also boost global cooperation to enhance opportunities.

Xi made the remark in a congratulatory message to the opening ceremony of the 3rd Understanding China Conference in Beijing.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, Xi said, adding that reform and opening-up over the past four decades helped write a splendid chapter in China’s growth and have brought about closer connections between China and the world.

A conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of the nation’s reform and opening-up will be held on Tuesday morning at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during which Xi will deliver a speech.

In the congratulatory message, Xi said the country is pursuing a new development philosophy featuring innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared growth and will continue to advance supply-side structural reforms.

While making coordinated efforts to stabilize economic growth, deepen overall reforms, readjust the economic structure, promote people’s well-being and mitigate financial risks, China will pursue high-quality economic development so as to provide more opportunities for international cooperation, he said.

Xi noted that today’s world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, but peace and development remain the themes of the times as mankind faces common challenges.

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