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Leni and her minions

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She can deny it all she wants, but Vice President Leni Robredo cannot hide the fact that some anti-government groups to which she belongs are working double time to cut short President Rodrigo Duterte’s stint in Malacañang Palace.

For his part, former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte surely was credible and responsible enough to double check his sources, before posting on his social media account screenshots of an Excel file that showed an “anti-administration group” plotting an “Oust-Duterte Movement.”

The list exposed Robredo as the leader of a united opposition allegedly working with leftist and civil groups, religious and political leaders and other personalities in planning to oust the Chief Executive.

Paolo’s list reminds us of the saying “When there is smoke, there is fire” and it is safe to assume that some groups have indeed been hatching a power grab since the first day of the Duterte administration.

These anti-government groups are not content watching in the sidelines and are salivating on the thought that they can return to power earlier than expected.

As expected, Robredo vehemently denied the younger Duterte’s bombshell calling it “irresponsible.”

“It’s very irresponsible to post something that, first, has no basis. Second, I do not know where they got that information because, obviously, the one who made that up did not even bother to do research,” she said.

Despite Leni’s pretensions that no such threats exist and she means no harm against the President, some developments in the past few months would tend to confirm the ex-Davao City vice mayor’s post.

To recall, just two months ago, no less than the Armed Forces of the Philippines confirmed the existence of a destabilization plot against the government dubbed “Red October.”

The plot never materialized because the military nipped it in the bud.

There were persistent reports, however, that the groups behind the plot are still very active and are using colleges and universities to recruit students who they intend to mobilize once they decide to proceed with their plan.

The Duterte administration itself has repeatedly said that there are ongoing “destabilization plots” against the government.

In January 2017, the government also discovered leaked emails of some supporters of Robredo who were planning an all-out media campaign to discredit the government.

Even the Trillanes-De Lima clique is very active in soliciting the support of some foreign groups who are against President Duterte’s style and brand of leadership.

Indeed, these persistent threats to oust the President should not be taken lightly.

Leni obviously has already mastered the art of lying and given the chance, she and her minions will not hesitate to kick out the President from power by hook or by crook.

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