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ROTC can fight communism



A communist government is a totalitarian system. This means that everything is for the State and everything is the State.

Power is held by a select few, who pretend to work for the people’s interests. The truth of the matter is that the people live spartan and even miserable lives, while the power elite live in opulence and luxury, often hidden from public view.

Only the communist party is allowed to field candidates for public office. To stay in power, the ruling elite shares power and privilege with the military establishment, which intimidates the people into total submission to the will of the state.

Communism has zero tolerance for dissent and legitimate opposition. Since there is no press freedom, no free speech, no freedom of expression and no freedom of assembly in a communist environment, abuses in the government are kept from public scrutiny. Dissenters are either eliminated outright or thrown in a military stockade in no man’s land. The concept of human rights is what the communist government says it is.

There is either no Internet access or Internet access is strictly monitored by state regulators.
Photocopying in remote areas also requires the permission of local authorities.

Communism is also a godless ideology. Freedom of religion is either prohibited outright or tolerated if done under the auspices of a state-sponsored church. If religious practice is allowed at all, it can be outlawed anytime, for any reason.

School children are subjected to intense brainwashing as early as their elementary years. They are also trained to report their own parents to the state authorities if they suspect that their parents are harboring anti-state sentiments.

Food and prime commodities are rationed. Travel abroad is restricted to selected officials of the government. Local travel is strictly regulated by the authorities.

History has shown that communism makes life miserable for the people, but enjoyable for the power elite.

Joseph Stalin ran the Soviet Union like an absolute monarchy. People suspected of anti-government thoughts were summarily executed.

From 1945 to 1989, Eastern Europe lived under the communist yoke. Attempts at liberation in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968 were violently put down by Soviet tanks.

The Ceausescus of Romania, for instance, ruled the country ruthlessly and lived in ostentatious luxury while the people remained poor and miserable.

Communism in Asia has done the same.

Under the Chinese communist dictator Mao Tse-Tung, 45 million Chinese peasants died from starvation because all the grain in the countryside had to be taken to the national capital to display to the world that a command economy under communism can be successful.

The Vietnamese and Cambodian communists practically killed their respective populations in the name of re-educating their citizens.

Communism in Cuba kept the people in the island prison living in 19th-century conditions, with only the ruling elite enjoying luxurious lives.

North Korea is the worst. Not only are its people starving and malnourished; they are threatened into absolute submission to the totalitarian Kim family dynasty; everyone is required to worship the nation’s dictator.

Communism is a threat to peace and prosperity in the Philippines. It seeks the violent overthrow of the duly-constituted government and its replacement with a totalitarian state, much like the communist countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.

The local communist movement, namely, the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front-New People’s Army, has deteriorated into a local bandit group demanding “revolutionary taxes” from industries in the countryside. Their membership has dwindled. In desperation, they are now recruiting young minds in both the metropolis and in the provinces.

When able-bodied male college students were still required to take up military training under the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)-Citizen Military Training program, particularly during the martial law years, the students were taught, among other things, the virtues of democracy and republican government and in the alternative, the evils of communism. As a result, communist cadres had a nearly impossible time infiltrating the campuses to recruit potential members of the communist movement. Only those who were really gullible ended up joining the left-wing movement.

Since the ROTC military training program proved to be an effective means of fighting communism, it should be reinstated immediately as a college co-curricular requirement to prevent communist cadres from using college and university campuses as their recruitment centers.