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Two down, one to go

Michael Pingol



Police on Thursday revealed that one of the three suspects in the robbery and killing of a 24-year-old Ateneo graduate student is still at large following the arrest earlier of two of his cohorts.

Marikina City police chief Senior. Supt. Roger Quesada said the two suspects tagged in the slaying of student Francis de Leon in Barangay Concepcion are already in police custody following their arrest last week.

“We are still looking for one more suspect. There is relevant information that we are focusing on,” said Quesada in a radio interview.

One suspect, identified as alias “Diablo”, was arrested Wednesday at a checkpoint in Marikina after a witness claimed that he tried to sell De Leon’s cellphone while the 16-year-old who allegedly connived with him was also arrested and turned over to the social welfare department, according to police.

The witness, who did not reveal his face, said he knows Diablo being a fellow thief and added that Diablo contacted him Friday evening to look for victims in Barangay Concepcion Uno.

After the incident, Diablo allegedly tried to sell him De Leon’s cellphone, but he declined. The witness said he realized Diablo was the culprit a day after a photo of the victim became viral online.

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