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Shang for the season




Christmas is almost here, and the days leading to the big day are a whirlwind of parties, reunions and get-togethers. This also means a parade of clothes changes, dress-up dilemmas and making sure your fashion trend and statements are on point and not so last year.

No worries, ladies, Shangri-La Plaza has your back and just might have in mind the right clothes with the latest trends and the fashion statement you wish to convey. Just recently, it showcased the season’s hottest holiday trends in the House of Shang, the much-anticipated holiday fashion show for 2018.

BLACK and white floral mesh by Crisleda Lontok.

The event presented the special designer collections of Adora, John Herrera, K & Company, Mico Boutique, Plains and Prints, Rajo!, Rustan’s Department Store, Criselda Lontok, Tadashi Shoji, Adrianna Papell, Mac Duggal and Weave.

“This year, the theme is ‘Feel the Shang Vibe.’ It means experience everything in Shang that is pleasurable, exciting, dynamic,” says Lala Fojas, EVP and general manager of Shangri-La Plaza.

“For this particular event, we’re actually presenting the very best in the Shang fashion scene which is why you can see that most of them are basically bespoke like John Herrera, Rajo! There are also the great brands from Rustan’s and even our local designers like Mico. We also want to be able to show that there’s a lot of talent among us Filipinos,” she adds.

Spots & Stripes by Plains & Prints.

Model and photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol and stylist and former fashion editor Daryl Chang put together the high-fashion ensembles that graced the lushly carpeted runway.

Plains & Prints, Weave and Rustan’s Mac Duggal presented pleated skirts and pastels that were a constant presence on the runway. These were in refreshing sorbet colors, a clean and fresh contrast against the typical rich, dark and warm hues of holiday outfits.

For a woman who likes to make a statement, spots and stripes are a must and Plains & Prints, Adora, Rustan’s Criselda Lontok, and Mico Boutique have impressive pieces of stripes coming in subdued lines and from tiny to massive spots.

Adora, Rajo!, K & Company, Rustan’s Adrianna Papell and Rustan’s Criselda Lontok unravelled neutrals in various shades of nude and adorned with embellishments. For black and white, there were also perfectly fitted dresses and clean, unadorned ensembles from Adora, Rajo!, Weave, John Herrera, Rustan’s Mac Duggal, and Rustan’s Tadashi Shoji.

Pleated Pastels by Weave.

Pretty blooms that are typically seen in spring and summer looks set against a darker background for a feminine yet strong look are from Rustan’s Criselda Lontok, Rustan’s Tadashi Shoji and Mico Boutique.

“Take it even one step further by pairing it with boots and a nonchalant attitude,” Chang and Bitagcol advised.

Red, the color of Christmas, filled the runway with cherry dresses, ruby lace tops and fiery long gowns by Adora, Mico Boutique, Rustan’s Mac Duggal, K & Company and John Herrera.

Fojas expressed that the show went very well and showed Shang’s offerings for the season.

“It was fantastic and well-curated. The clothes and the collection are well-selected or they come with a theme, which is why you can see that there’s always a theme for every section.

In the beginning, you have the gala night clothes and then you have the more red-hot collection,” she says.

“These are all designers that are based here in Shangri-La and this is our way of being able to present to everyone that there is a lot of great things to experience in the mall.”

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