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Unbelievable Red excuse



Despite these aboveground Reds’ complaint against the police for arresting, detaining and charging them on alleged kidnapping and trafficking of minors in a Lumad school, it is pretty accurate to say that these commies and propagandists and their sympathetic yellow media loved their arrest. This provides them with more opportunities by way of propaganda to spread among their and the usual rights groups’ to try and cement their portrayal of President Duterte as a dictator and violator of human rights.

As usual, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) that uses the agency for clearly partisan political purposes, as well as virtually joining the Reds and, of course, the usual yellows’ anti-Duterte propaganda, to put down the President entered the picture.

Naturally, as the CHR joined the Reds’ chorus, there was that warning again from this agency, saying that due process in making the arrests must be observed and should equally apply to human rights defenders, as an agency official referred to the detention of former Bayan Muna Party-list Congressman Satur Ocampo, party-lister Rep. France Castro and 16 others in Davao del Norte.

Naturally, for more media mileage, especially since Friday and Saturday were very slow news days, Ocampo and his commie colleagues threatened to file charges against the police for their arrest supposedly on child trafficking and kidnapping charges.

Yet, for all their propaganda against Duterte, they sought the help of the President’s special assistant, Bong Go, for their release from police custody.

These Reds, as usual, want to have it both ways.

But it did look — at least initially — as if the police made the arrest on the very flimsy ground of kidnaping and trafficking of schoolchildren. Most thought so — until, of course, another side to the story came around, with angry Lumad tribal leaders confronting the arrested aboveground Reds, their usual leftist activists and teachers at a police station in Talaingod, Davao del Norte on Thursday for supposedly delivering their children to New People’s Army (NPA) rebels to fight government forces.

That’s a pretty serious criminal offense, if the Lumad tribal leaders can prove this. It is, however, very possible for these Reds and their leftist teachers and supporters to be engaged in recruiting minors in their war against government. The Reds certainly have armed members in the New People’s Army defecting to the government’s side and, even when they refuse to admit it, these local and self-exiled commies are trying to fight a useless war against the Duterte government.

Children are, after all, easily manipulated by these commies to be taught that government is evil and must be fought.

The Lumad tribal leaders were quoted as asking why their children were being taken by these Red groups when there is no conflict occurring in the area.

“Why are you taking our children when there is no conflict happening in our place? Ever since you (Reds) started mingling with us, many have died. When you go up to our mountains, surely there will be killing, because you are the first ones to kill soldiers,” Bai Pilar Libayao at Datu Andigao Agay told Ocampo, Castro and teachers of the Salugpungan Learning Center (SLC).

“Leave our children alone and take your teachers who teach no good things, except to fight the government. We don’t want someone from our tribe getting killed anymore,” Bai Pilar added.

The tribal leader also stressed that it is the NPA that is disrupting their community and using them to fight the government.

The Lumad leaders warned Ocampo, Castro and the SLC teachers against setting foot into their area.

It is apparently not the first time that these tribal leaders have complained about commies teaching their children to fight government.

The reports said that the school had long been ordered closed by the local Department of Education on the appeal of tribal leaders who had earlier claimed the groups have been teaching their children to rebel against the government.

Ocampo had a different claim, saying that they were blocked by the cops after they fetched Lumad students and teachers who were supposedly forced to evacuate their school after it was padlocked by the paramilitary group Alamara.

But it has to be questioned why Ocampo and his leftist group took it upon themselves to supposedly evacuate their school. The schoolchildren were not their children and it may as well be asked, too, why these Reds and their leftist groups were at the same time on their claimed solidarity mission to bring food to these students. What “solidarity” mission could this have been for them to take it upon themselves to evacuate these schoolchildren?

These Red “saviors,” as they want to portray themselves to avoid jail time, certainly are not the parents of these schoolchildren, However, they quickly claimed that they had the parents’ permission to take the children out of the school.

Can you believe this crap of an excuse? All the parents asked these commies, including the teachers, for these Reds to evacuate these schoolchildren? Who in his right mind would believe this commie claim, especially since no parent of these schoolchildren were around to bring their children home, instead of having these commies and their leftist human rights groups evacuate them and find sanctuary in a church that was closed?

Satur and his Red group with the support of the yellows and their media, as well as white-robed activists, apparently believe that Filipinos were born yesterday.