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Mislatel vows operational transparency




The Mislatel consortium, the country’s third telecommunications player, on Tuesday vowed full transparency in all its transactions with the government and committed to deliver only the best service not only for now but for the long-term.

Poe stressed national security should not be compromised with the entry of the third telco

Lawyer Adel Tamano, Mislatel spokesman and vice president for corporate affairs at Udenna Group, said the consortium is committed to long-term operations in the country regardless of who has political power.

Apart from the Udenna Group, the consortium includes Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp., China Telecom and Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co. Inc.

In an interview, Tamano said Mislatel will be transparent in its services, finances and even its ownership.

“Our company is not here for one or two years; we are here for the long term,” he vowed.

He likewise said Udenna is not dependent on any particular administration.

“If we do our work right, if we follow the law, regardless of administration, we will be there,” he added.

Tamano said the consortium could start rolling out only upon approval by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

He assured transparency in the company’s ownership and protection on matters involving national security.

“After the NTC approves our rollout plan, then we can (start) commercial operations,” Tamano said.

On its capability to conduct a nationwide operation, Tamano said the consortium needs the support not only from government in terms speeding up the processes but also from direct competitors in the field of domestic roaming services.

“To be very honest, we need the help of others…for faster roll out,” the official said.

On their first year, Tamano said Udenna eyes 37 percent roll out at 25mbps.

“We want to assure the public that we did not get the number from thin air. We studied with our partners who have been in the market for long,” Tamano said.

He assured transparency in the company’s ownership and protection on matters involving national security.

“We want to assure the public the company that we are setting up is a Filipino company. In fact, we are already setting meetings with the general counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because we want to go through the proper process. We will submit with the binding agreements,” Tamano said.

“We are a Filipino company, we will not allow our national security to be undermined. The terms of reference itself already have safeguards in terms of security. We have to submit our plans to protect national and cybersecurity,” he added.

Business tycoon Dennis Uy, Udenna Group chairman, was invited but failed to attend the hearing but informed Sen. Grace Poe, chair of the Senate Committee on Public Services, he was represented by Tamano.

“Unfortunately, I will be out of town due to a previously scheduled commitment,” Uy said in the letter.

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