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Who’s afraid of martial law?



What’s with these constant critics of President Duterte to equate virtually all his legitimate moves as acts to declare and to impose nationwide martial rule in the country?

“It’s time to change tactics if these critics want to be credible and acceptable to the people.

It’s really a wonder why they even use this issue to demonize the President, given that the majority in all probability hardly fear the martial law imposed by Duterte, as they have been witnessing all year long its lenient imposition in Mindanao, which honored the constitutional guarantees of all freedoms. Even the terrorists and their kin were not denied their rights, as after their capture, they were quickly charged in court and not detained for months on end or even tortured. There were no abuses committed, only made-up claims of abuse by the military from the usual aboveground commies.

Don’t these critics realize that their constant criticisms and their attempts to spread fears of a return to Marcos martial law days are neither credible nor feared, because Duterte’s measure is nothing like the one experienced by older Filipinos?

But they keep on and on and on and this has become a boring issue for Filipinos.

Still, as the critics don’t dance to the tune of the majority of Filipinos, there went Vice President Leni Robredo, trying so hard to become relevant by again bringing up the martial law issue on the basis of the latest presidential memorandum related to lawlessness. She said that even as she welcomes the order, “distrust” nevertheless remains since the “people are afraid that this would be a platform to declare martial law.”

Duterte last week issued Memorandum Order 32, authorizing the deployment of more soldiers and policemen to three provinces in the Visayas and a province in the Bicol region to “suppress lawless violence and acts of terror” in those parts of the country, as well as including in the order the authority to intensify intelligence operations and the investigation and prosecution of people behind acts of violence.

It is from this order that Robredo said many people were spooked by the term “lawless violence,” as it is one of the grounds that may be invoked to declare martial law.

Really, Leni? Many Filipinos are spooked by the term “lawless violence” that has existed in the Philippine Constitution since 1987? Incidentally, the phrase was drafted by the then overwhelming yellow delegates, handpicked by the first yellow president, Cory Aquino.
Doesn’t Leni have anything to say by way of criticisms to make herself both relevant and credible before the Filipino nation?

Duterte does not need to even come up with the memorandum that orders the deployment of more troops in Samar and other provinces. As Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces of the Philippines, he can merely order the deployment without the need of a formal memorandum.

Besides, Leni, Duterte does not need to even come up with a memorandum order to have martial law declared and imposed. The Constitution does state that all he has to do is to seek another extension of his declared martial law from Congress that is likely to grant him that extension. It cannot be denied that, not only are there Islamic insurgents, but also terrorists, among them the New People’s Army.

“Doesn’t Leni have anything to say by way of criticisms to make herself both relevant and credible before the Filipino nation?

Leni should know all this, being a lawyer, a one-term legislator and now a vice president.

She certainly knows, or ought to know, the Constitution and the powers of the president under this Constitution. Why then come up with such silly criticisms that make her look like a legal and constitutional ignoramus?

But these usual critics, including the self-exiled commie founder Joma Sison and his Reds, as well as the yellows, whose long ambition is to have the President ousted through their constant demonization to regain power, position and pelf, really want Duterte to impose martial law as they appear to believe that it will be its imposition that would spell the end of his rule and regime.

But why even think that Filipinos are easily scared off by the opposition forces’ constant talk of martial law imposition when these claims, coming from them, are not seen as credible by the people, but as yet another try by them to oust President Duterte.

Haven’t these Reds, yellows and whites who get a kick out of ousting presidents still not realize that Filipinos no longer want a repeat of ousters that screw up the Constitution and the Supreme Court (SC) into inventing non-existent reasons for ruling the unconstitutional as constitutional. An example is the infamous SC ruling stating that then President Estrada had “constructively resigned” just to make his ouster — with the then chief justice and several other associate justices who joined the coup against Estrada — constitutional, as illegally decreed by the sole interpreter of the Charter.

It’s time to change tactics if these critics want to be credible and acceptable to the people.

This goes for Leni, too, who apparently wants to be the next president, whether through the ballot or through unconstitutional means.