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The Fake News Network



It was the network that was unnecessarily ridiculed by globalizing news of presidential power naps. While the American public has been able to deal with the one cable news organization they’ve aptly labeled the “Fake News Network” by simply tuning out and dealing the network its poorest and lowest ratings — punishment for a series of falsehoods that predicate its crashing viewership — the network appears to have a sympathetic ear in our neck of the woods.

“We analyze, oblivious to insidious and hidden agenda, hardly noticing how we slowly slip into the slippery pit of simplistic and simpleton ignorance.

Filipinos after all love tabloid sleaze, slime and sensationalism. Note the popularity of the 6 o’clock TV news in comparison to the more stoic reporting at 10 o’clock.

Proof is in the price of ad placements in the early evening news that includes segments on show business and minutiae on domestic violence, compared to the 10 o’clock edition that is constantly shoved to allow Korean telenovelas greater TV time.

Indeed, there is no accounting for taste. Pseudo-intellectuals think that by watching yokel-reported cable news they’ve upped their intelligence quotients. Well, they’ve not.

Effectively educated by a toxic chemistry of boob-tube fake news reporting and idiot TV’s agenda-based commentary, plus gossipy foreign feeds and Hollywood’s movie magic, it is no wonder Filipino audiences viewing global news have seriously slanted myopic views.

Sleaze, violence and conflict when exaggerated yield viewership numbers. Such ploys are not lost on networks whose ratings are spiraling. Berating resource persons, even screaming at them, seems to have become a default mode to achieve viewership. This is important for American midwestern and southwestern networks whose domestic ratings are crashing together with bottom lines — the latter critical where network buyouts are in play.

Recently the merger and acquisition (M&A) negotiations involving American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) and Time Warner included debates on the non-inclusion of Cable News Network (CNN) among the portfolio under valuation. The fate of CNN had hung in the balance. The future values of cash flows from a subsidiary constitute a significant portion of a mother company’s equity revenues, thus impacting on M&A valuation and pricing.
This year, reluctantly recognizing its limited digital reach, CNN reduced its digital portfolio by laying off people and embarking on cost reduction strategies.

Cost control is one thing. Content manipulation is another when it sinks to propagating falsehood. The impetus for a ratings-compelled network to offer scoops, constant breaking news and incendiary content cannot be denied.

Such reckless and irresponsible treatment of the truth hidden behind a corporate culture that creates and conjures a false front of credibility is typically invisible to an extremely gullible audience long infected with a profound sense of subservience and colonial mentalities.

“Filipinos after all love tabloid sleaze, slime and sensationalism.

As Filipinos get most of their foreign feeds from a limited source, we analyze, oblivious to insidious and hidden agenda, hardly noticing how we slowly slip into the slippery pit of simplistic and simpleton ignorance, albeit self-delusional, thinking ourselves globally cosmopolitan.

Let us cite undeniable data on purveyors of imported fake news.

Attacking the American conservative Right, Left-wing TV anchor Van Jones reported that 1 percent of candidates endorsed by the National Rifle Association eventually won. He lied. The actual number is less than half.

Evening anchor Chris Cuomo who shares a slot with his partner Anderson Cooper justified “hate speech” claiming US statutes exclude it from protection. Espousing violence, this is an example of incendiary commentary.

The most embarrassing is headline reader Don Lemon. Sinking to his typical ad hominem default, he once described a guest as having “nice racks.” Named “the worst in journalism” by a university review, Lemon has insulted sexual assault victims and even young children describing them as dogs that need training.

Discern the foregoing and its negativity. Each is a product of one fake news network. At the core of such fakery is an embarrassing lack of depth.