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Dashes of colors




When he is not using his human radar listening to the beats of the human body, Alvin de Jesus holds a paint brush, venturing into the realm of creativity and imagination.

A physician by profession, De Jesus started drawing when he was a kid influenced by comic books, sketching subjects such as landscapes, portraits and figures, which have now diversified into seascapes, street scenes, images of everyday life and still-lifes with Pinoy motifs. He still sketches today but started painting in 2015 with watercolor, oil paint and acrylic as his mediums.

GIRONA (2018).

In his drawings, he utilizes pastels and color pens sketching portraits of friends and famous personalities. His works flare in the Impressionist style in which fleeting effects of light are captured in his subjects.


De Jesus, a medical doctor since 1992, lists the American impressionist and portraitist John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) as one of his influences. Aside from Sargent, he also admires the works of Daniel Greene (b. 1934), a notable American pastelist, the American realist Richard Schmid (b. 1934) as well as contemporary watercolor painters Alvaro Castagnet of Uruguay and Joseph Zbukvic of Croatia.

VINCENT (2018).

In the local art scene, he’s influenced by the oeuvres of National Artists Fernando Amorsolo and Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Carlo Gabuco, Romulo Galicano and Edbon Sevilleno.

“I’ve always had the passion for the arts,” he said, explaining that it was his wife Ericka who encouraged him to pursue that passion.

De Jesus said art has always been a passion and painting, which he does every day, is “relocation time from the stress of medical practice.”

DON’T Blink (2018).


Medicine became his priority since it was his profession, but he returned to art since it had been his interest since he was a child growing up in Parañaque. He is now a resident of the balut and alfombra enclave of Pateros, settling there since he got married.


As a painter, he is mostly self-taught. In lieu of formal training, he reads a lot of art books to learn more about painting and the visual arts in general. He also attends workshops.

To date, he has presented his works in group exhibits such as at SM City Marilao (2015), Buenas Artes (2016), GSIS Gallery (2016) and Art Asia (2017). ACE Medical Center in Pateros (2016) and Unilab (2017) hosted his solo exhibits.

GOOD Morning (2018).

Signature style

His artistic style is not yet distinct, De Jesus admitted, but he is still discovering that technique which will eventually define his works. His jolly and free-spirited nature is captured in his subjects—scenes, sites and sights of his adventures and experiences.

PEMBO (2018).

What’s certain is that his rediscovery and rekindling of his childhood love and his journey into the creative world have established him as an artist in his own humble right.

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