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Political prostitutes




Many were deceived by the fake idealism of mutineer Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who misled voters in giving him a public office that he did not deserve.

Opportunism is what drives Trillanes and his Magdalo cohorts in their adventure to continue deluding the gullible to keep themselves in power.

“The fearless forecast is that Alejano will lose and Trillanes will end up in jail.

For so long, Trillanes and Rep. Gary Alejano were on public payroll without doing anything in Congress even for the benefit of their colleagues in the military.

Instead, they offer themselves as pawns to the yellow mob for a fee in the effort to oust the constitutional authority which is held by President Rody Duterte.

Sal Panelo, Rody’s spokesman and legal counsel, accurately noted that Trillanes and his Magdalo wards were engaged in an ongoing subversion using their government positions to oust the mandated authority.

Trillanes and Alejano were behind the highly partisan impeachment bid against Rody in March last year which was solely meant to buttress an International Criminal Court (ICC) case filed right after the House threw out the ridiculous allegations to oust Rody.

The yellow agenda was to prove that legal options in the country to make Rody accountable for supposed extrajudicial killings (EJK) were exhausted and thus necessitated the ICC to take over jurisdiction of the complaints for crimes against humanity against the President.

The ICC case was filed by Jude Sabio, lawyer of former Davao City police chief SPO3 Arturo Lascañas who, in turn, is one of two self-confessed Davao Death Squad hitmen, the other being Edgar Matobato. Both stooges were under the protective custody of Trillanes.

The only basis of the “crimes against humanity” charges on Rody was his abrasive rhetoric and the EJK accusations based on allegations cobbled up by the yellow media and fed by Rody’s critics to foreign reporters who are only too eager to report anything detrimental to the President.

Investigations held on the alleged EJK that included two Senate probes failed to prove the yarn of state-sponsored killings in the war on drugs.

For every 100 police operations, about five drug suspects fought back and were killed, thus resulting in the high casualty count.

It was the same ratio in police operations during the term of former President Noynoy Aquino but were only highlighted during the EJK spin against Rody.

Yellow media outlets primarily foreign outfits use the bloated “more than 20,000 deaths” labeled as EJK. The actual deaths from narcotics operations were more than 4,000 since the launch of the war on drugs.

Trillanes, Alejano and the Magdalo’s claim to fame was in leading the 2003 Oakwood mutiny when 300 junior officers and enlisted men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines led by Trillanes took over the exclusive Oakwood Premiere in Makati City in protest of alleged rampant corruption and the Manila Peninsula siege.

Rody even derided the Trillanes mutinies for not lasting very long since Trillanes and his ilk always surrender the moment the police come.

“Opportunism is what drives Trillanes and his Magdalo cohorts in deluding the gullible to keep themselves in power.

Trillanes, who claims to be the most productive member of the Senate, has almost nothing to show in form of accomplishments during his term that is about to end aside from irritating Rody.

Of course, his other achievement was sustaining the more than one-year attack on former Vice President Jojo Binay who his yellow principals then considered the biggest threat to the presidency in the 2016 elections.

The yellow masters of Trillanes got into bigger trouble with Rody, then Davao City mayor, who eventually won the presidency overwhelmingly.

Of course, Trillanes and his Magdalo group immediately shifted to digging up muck against Rody as soon as the yellow mob noticed his surging survey numbers.

Trillanes also did not get too far in his own quest for a higher office as he ended up near bottom in the vice-presidential race with a three percent vote.

The senator’s ambition is not deterred by views it would be next to impossible either through impeachment or a coup to oust him due to his solid public support.

Trillanes is facing multiple charges related to the Magdalo military adventures as a result of Proclamation 572 while Alejano is on a futile bid to replace him in the Senate under the wings of the yellow Liberal Party.

The fearless forecast is that Alejano will lose and Trillanes will end up in jail.

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