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A disservice to the country

Ninez Cacho-Olivares



Vice President Leni Robredo says she did not seek the presidency and has no ambition to run for president in 2022.

“Had there been no Smartmatic magic helping Leni along, she wouldn’t have been proclaimed vice-president.

“I have no ambition that after 2022 I would run for president. There is no such thing. For me, it’s all destiny. For me, if it’s set for you, it would happen. You should not hold ambitions for it. And for me, I did not even hold ambitions of becoming vice president.”

Such statements from Leni are expected, mainly because she, as well as her yellows, are today leaderless despite having one of their own as the second highest official. They probably realized that Leni does not have what it takes not only to lead but that she also lacks the charisma to attract the masses who compose the bulk of the electorate.

Had there been no Smartmatic magic helping Leni along, she wouldn’t have been proclaimed vice president. However, things being what they are, she is at this time the vice president and she should have worked at her role by working for and serving the people to gain their trust and confidence.

Leni claimed to have a “greater purpose” in her life to her becoming an elected official, despite the absence of ambition, to become president or even vice president.

She said this belief is her means of coping with what she termed as the presence of “so much hate and so much vilification” she has received since becoming vice president in 2016.

She said she was not keen on running for public office after the death of her husband, Jesse Robredo, who served as the yellow president’s Interior secretary. She stressed that she decided to go along with the idea to run for the vice presidency after being told this would ensure the continuity of her husband’s advocacies and legacy.

If it is possible to go back to those days when she was not in politics, she would have stayed with the alternative lawyers’ group Saligan (Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligal) where she worked for more than 10 years helping communities on legal matters, she added.

She was also quoted as saying that “many people think you are a bad person because of what they read. Is that something that I would allow myself to be weighed down with? No, since I did not enter this because of ambition. I came here for a specific purpose,” which she claimed is the purpose of serving the public.

“There is a greater purpose to all this. Many may be angry with you, many may speak against you, but you can use your position to help,” she added.

Oh, c’mon, Leni. If such were your purpose, you could have done so even as congresswoman and your constituents in your districts would have benefited a lot more. So, what, by way of serving your constituents in your district and even the entire province, did you do as a member of Congress coming up with a law that would have benefited the entire province?

Your yellow president was in power and position and could have helped you greatly by getting him to get the bill approved, assuming of course that you came up with bills enacted into law.

“What she is serving is the political interest of the yellows, not the majority of the Filipino people.

What have you done by way of coming up with bills that were worked on, to serve your constituents, including using your pork barrel fund for projects in your district? You have hardly ever spoken about this then and, even now, as the VP of the country.

But having been proclaimed vice president of the country, granting that you do have this claimed purpose of being in a position to help serve the country, one may well ask Leni: Is it serving the country, now that you are the second highest official in the land, to speak negatively about the country and government and even stating things that are not factually correct before the groups abroad, even one in the United Nations?

It is hardly the country and its people that are being served by Leni when she criticizes the Duterte government whenever she goes abroad on speaking engagements. What she is serving, if this can even be called serving — when this is such a disservice she does to the country — is the political interest of the yellows, not the majority of the Filipino people.

Leni was given a position in the Cabinet of President Duterte, a position that could have been of great help to the Filipino people. Instead, perhaps listening to the yellow mob, she started to criticize the administration of which she was a member.

She got what she should have expected: being left out of the loop and with no chance of her ever being elected president in 2022 or ever which is probably why she says she has no ambition.

She knows the only way she can be president of the Republic is by succeeding Duterte through death or through his ouster with the combined groups of the yellows, Reds and Whites.