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Conquering the world through makeup




Women empowerment may start to sound cliché nowadays for being used to promote or define everything about the female movement. But that doesn’t make it less true or powerful as a message. Because, indeed, women and empowerment go together.

So what has makeup got to do about it? There’s another thing about women and the acceptance of oneself as against society’s standards of beauty.

We could blame all the unrealistic advertisements and how the beauty industry still promotes or adhere to the goddess-like, perfectly made-up women (or models). Images that connote that this is how you should look, and if you don’t look like this, you’re ugly or imperfect and men, or people in general, will not find you attractive.


These are all self-defeating and ego-deflating thoughts that women should stop entertaining already. Conversely, women could turn inwards and accept their imperfect selves and who they are.

Quite ironic as a message for a makeup brand, but that is the exact message of the You X Max Factor campaign. And to reinforce that messaging is actress Jennylyn Mercado, bruised and all with showbiz and non-showbiz issues, and still standing tall. And this is why Max Factor Philippines has chosen Mercado as the global makeup brand’s first local ambassador.

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Conquer fear

“The industry may overload us with photos and definitions of specific types of beauty, but we shouldn’t pressure ourselves to fit into these boxes, because every woman is unique and beautiful. We are more than the physical, we are beautiful souls with depth and story, and makeup can help us reflect that confidently every day,” says Audrey Canta, division manager for Max Factor.

For Mercado, beauty comes with all its perfection and imperfections. Other than just promoting the cosmetics line, Mercado sees this campaign to inspire other women to embrace positivity and be fearless.

“Fear, heartache, loss are realities that we have to deal with. We have to face it and to conquer it. We can learn a lot of things from it and you can come out stronger and more powerful,” says Mercado. “I embrace every moment that comes as a blessing, with positivity and happiness. Life is short so you have to appreciate it.”

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Not content on just being an award-winning actress and singer, Mercado now wears many hats. She is also a TV host, songwriter, endorser, mom to Jazz Mercado, tri-athlete, Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu enthusiast and entrepreneur (she owns a salon and even plans to start selling the cookies she loves to bake online).

“In my life, there are two things that challenged me as a person. One is raising my son as a single mom. It’s very difficult to raise my child and work at the same time. Second was when I lost my mom — my biggest support system in life. In those two scenarios, the thing that got me through is faith in God, that everything happens for a reason; in my inner circle, that they will be there for me no matter what and lastly, in myself, that I am capable enough to do everything and anything to overcome whatever life gives me,” she shares.

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For her, makeup is more for self-expression and letting her own beauty shine through.
“Makeup lets you do just that. It gives you freedom as an individual to bring out the best version of you, in every up and down you experience. Even just through applying makeup, I am able to show myself that whatever happens, I will never lose sight of who I am and who I want to be,” she says.

When not in front of the camera, Mercado has this other look as a businesswoman. “When I’m on ‘business woman’ mode, I don’t have a full face of makeup on unlike when I’m all glammed up for a show. I make myself look polished and presentable with cheek tint, powder and lipstick or gloss.”

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She uses Max Factor’s Facefinity Compact, a product that covers like a foundation but still feels as light as a powder. The best-selling two-way powder foundation achieves a long-lasting, matte finish with the freedom for personalized coverage from medium to full because of its unique buildable formula.

This year, this maximum-impact, minimal-fuss mattifier has been redesigned into a sleek and more stylish compact that can fit in any bag, making it convenient to use at home or on-the-go.

COLOUR Elixir Lipstick. in Burnt Caramel

The secret formula, Max Factor Permawear, a multitasking technology, is found at the heart of this product. And aside from the water-resistant pigments that give the Facefinity Compact its longwearing properties, the built-in SPF (now improved from 15 to 20) provides an added layer of protection for all types of skin.

With eight shades to choose from, the Facefinity Compact can be used alone, for a medium coverage fresh matte finish, or over liquid foundation for full and flawless coverage that stays put.

“With the many roles modern women play in life — a stay-at-home mom, business executive, athlete, entrepreneur, advocate — finding the time to do makeup is but one of many challenges they face every single day, which is why Max Factor continues to offer easy to use, value-for-money products busy women can trust to last and multitask like they do” Max Factor senior brand manager Monica Sangalang says.

“I love how Max Factor caters to every woman, especially with this campaign. It comes full circle for me because this is the brand of makeup I have been using when I entered the business,” Mercado says.

Max Factor is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corp. and available in leading department stores nationwide.

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