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Ex-mayor jailed for falsification



Former Talugtug, Nueva Ecija Mayor Quintino Soriano Caspillo Jr. was ordered jailed by the Sandiganbayan for using fake documents to justify the appointment of his nephew to a position in the municipal government.

In a 40-page decision promulgated last 12 October, Seventh Division of the anti-graft court found the accused guilty of Falsification of Public Documents under Article 171 paragraph 4 of the Revised Penal Code.

He was sentenced to suffer imprisonment for a minimum of two years, four months and one day up to a maximum period of eight years.

The charge stemmed from complaints that Caspillo had issued a certification stating that Elmer F. Caspillo was not related to him by either affinity or consanguinity, following the appointment of the latter as Municipal Planning and Development (MPDC) head.

The Sandiganbayan noted that the accused had served as mayor of Talugtug from 1994 to 2013 and the falsified certification was dated 17 June 1997, proving it was issued during his term.

Likewise, the court said the prosecution was able to prove he took advantage of his position as mayor and his power to appoint local heads of departments in issuing the certification.

“Evidently, accused was able to appoint Elmer Caspillo as MPDC head due to his official position as municipal mayor of Talugtug,” the court said.

The anti-graft court added that Elmer’s appointment was confirmed because the certification executed by the accused and submitted to the Civil Service Commission stated they have “no biological relationship or affinity to each other.”

However, Elmer’s birth certificate showed the former mayor was his uncle.