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Pathologist’s testimony on Dengvaxia nixed



The Department of Justice (DoJ) has rejected the testimony of a pathologist in the preliminary investigation of complaints in connection with Dengvaxia deaths.

Earlier, the camp of former Health Secretary Janette Garin asked the DoJ panel to admit as evidence the affidavit of Dr. Raymundo Lo, who is said to be an expert pathologist.

However, the panel of six prosecutors denied Garin’s motion. They noted that aside from the fact that the submission of Dr. Lo’s affidavit was very late the proper venue for full and exhaustive presentation of evidence of both parties should be done during the trial stage.

Last month, Garin filed a motion asking the DoJ panel of prosecutors to admit the affidavit of Lo, saying his expert opinion can help the investigating panel find out the truth and dispel misleading medical conclusions made in connection with the case.

The former Health Secretary and other department officials, officers of Sanofi Pasteur, along with the local distributor of Dengavaxia vaccine were charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and violation of the law against torture over the deaths of children who received dengue vaccine shots.

Autopsies on at least 92 alleged casualties of the vaccine were conducted by the forensic team of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO).

PAO lawyers, who represent the parents of victims objected to Garin’s motion, arguing the affidavit of Lo should be tackled during the trial proper.

According to the panel of prosecutors, Garin’s motion has no leg to stand on and she likewise failed to justify the late submission of Lo’s affidavit which was submitted after she had already filed a rejoinder, one of the last required pleadings in such investigation.