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A big mistake



The botched twin plots of the yellows, the Reds and the traitorous Magdalos of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV were incredibly banking on getting to a critical mass of public protests to overthrow President Rody Duterte.

The President is not fond of flaunting the mandate that he holds, but one word from him calling for a people assembly would dispel all doubts as to whose side the Filipinos are really on.

The Red October and the Aklasan plots were preempted by Mr. Duterte when he indirectly announced uncovering the sinister alliance through a one-on-one with Chief Legal Adviser Sal Panelo, who is now his spokesman.

During the interview, Rody, apparently quoting from an intelligence report, said a plot for his assassination had been set on 21 September which marked the declaration of martial law by former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1972.

Rody also issued a challenge during the tete-a-tete that no faint-hearted President could make, which was for the military to choose the leader it wanted, as he said that he and the generals can do it over cups of coffee.

The fierce loyalty of our uniformed men to both nation and government was shown during the Marawi City siege by the Islamic State (IS), which lasted five months, with the terror group employing the same tactics that created its caliphate in Iraq and Syria in almost five years.

The IS ideology of hate was the same tactic employed by the forces against Rody in the failed plots.

On 17 October 2017 or more than a year ago, Rody declared Marawi City free from “terrorist influence” after the fierce battle waged by the military and the police to purge the IS incursion.

A bigger threat was brought to the public after that. The Red October plot was more sinister as it sought the cover of legal protest movements against the President.

The plot was cooked up since Rody took office and the communists had used the space created by the peace negotiations that ended last year not only to consolidate but to expand its forces to include the yellow mob.

The alliance disbanded after the yellows, true to their color, turned chicken after Rody brought the plot to the public, exposing the truth that the effort to grab power by the opportunistic gang does not have wide support.

An effort to trample on the sovereign will expressed in the clear mandate given to Rody would likely be met by the most overwhelming mass action that will end any pretension of public support by Duterte opponents which is what the yellow mob wanted to avoid.

While the People Power movement targeted by Red October plotters will mainly be in Metro Manila, the supporters of Rody come from the entire country and all walks of life who would not blink an eye in defending their popular will.

The plot was targeted for launch this month through mass actions that would have culminated in the military being pressured to abandon Rody or worse, to assassinate him.
Documents unearthed by the military from communist lairs showed that the Reds and its yellow allies were never sincere in dealing with Rody as their goal was always his ouster even when the communists were talking peace or the yellows were pretending to be allies in the super majority coalition.

The Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) also had a history of traitorous acts such as the brutal ambush-killing of three soldiers who were on a humanitarian mission in Bukidnon last year while CPP leaders were on the peace table.

The deceitful acts happened while Rody was trying his best to show goodwill by releasing top CPP-NPA leaders to form part of the negotiating team and even giving the communists the option to nominate its allies to Cabinet posts.

It failed because naked opportunism was the only moving force behind the futile Red October plot.