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Memories of Old Manila



Back when Globe Fresh Lumpia in Globe Building, Raon, Quiapo, Manila still had a dining service, I had the urge to relieve myself and asked the waitress for the men’s room. The waitress politely apologized and said it is still undergoing repair and was unavailable.

An older man, maybe in his 50s, quickly butted in: “You know what? I was still a student in PCCr (Philippine College of Criminology) in the 1970s and their men’s room is already undergoing repair. That is what I’m always told whenever I eat here.”

That exchange happened in 2001.

Food has played an important role in the Filipino culture. Indeed, many of our traditional food were concocted by our forebears while fighting for independence from foreign rulers, like the Spanish, Americans and the Japanese.

Food is synonymous with Filipino celebrations. From birthdays, reunions, holidays and even get-togethers, there is always an abundance of food no matter the social status. Along with food, are the restaurants that we frequented and still are frequenting because they have been a part of our childhood. Some of their specialties, we learned of from our parents and even grandparents.

Here are six restaurants in Manila that were more than 60 years old that are still owned and managed by the same family and were handed down from generations.