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Petron launches HTP Oil



The battle for supremacy in engine oil performance comes a notch higher after Petron, the country’s largest oil company, introduced its new Petron HTP (High Temperature Performance) oil line up.

The product, under development for over two years now, is the brain child of Petron’s Chief Executive Officer Ramon S. Ang.

Ang, a known automotive enthusiast, is very familiar with the workings of the internal combustion engine and knows that at the very heart of a good performing engine is the kind of oil that lubricates all of its moving and heating parts.

Two years ago, Ang told Petron engineers to commission a study to produce a line-up of engine oils that will protect car engines from wear and tear caused by poorly performing engine oils. The result is the new Petron HTP.

Even volleyball superstar Gretchen Ho, host of the event, took a dig at how engine oil performs and why she will choose Petron HTP over other engine oil brands.

“A good engine oil means longer change oil time, so I could save on expenses. There’s also added protection to the engine. And because it’s a high temperature engine oil, it works well in stop and go traffic like we have in Metro Manila,” Ho said.

Petron HTP was designed to protect the engine oil by not losing its thickness.